Monday, August 31, 2009

Don't be skirt.

My 7 mi long run on Saturday went super well. I drove out and hid my water bottle at mi 3 so I didn't have to carry it, and I also was going to run back past that area, and it totally worked! I realized I didn't need to drink nearly as much water as I do when I'm on the treadmill. The first 3 miles were rough, but the last 4 went so well and I felt good and not tired and had a great pace! Interesting things about that run:

1. Amazing weather. We may still have highs in the 90s but the lows are in the 70s/80s and it makes for great morning runs!
2. Ran into a standoff situation in a neighborhood. Not really sure what was going on, but SWAT was there. What a way to start the weekend.
3. This American Life will now be part of my long runs. I listened to an epi and laughed while I ran. I probably looked insane. Still, it helped keep my mind occupied and this will be a great way to keep up with TAL since I'm not making as many long drives these days. (BTW, I listened to "The Cruelty of Children," David Sedaris was killing me as always. Love him.)

So, I do love other things besides running, and things that I am much better at. Like shopping! I visited TJ Max for the first time this weekend and fell in love! The shoes, the clothes--all brands I love! I saw some amazing J.Simpson suede peep toe stacked heels that I will be coveting. Also a cute Nine West top. The only thing I walked out with though was....

A running skirt. I have said aloud that I think they are dumb, but I saw it in the store and had to try it on. For $12.99 I thought, what the heck, and I tested it out tonight. It has tiny built in spandex shorts, and they tend to ride up on me so I felt like I was running in boyshorts underwear and a short skirt. It was sort of liberating. No, it was fine, though I'm interested to know what it looks like as I'm running. Is it keeping everything covered???
The other item I purchased was an adorable button down shirt dress. Now, I have been to three stores looking for my size. I found a size bigger and a size smaller, and I couldn't decide which one looked better since they didn't have the size I needed. Don't worry, I bought both. I'm still torn, so I will not post a picture until a final decision has been made. I'm also going to one last store tomorrow to see if they have my size :) Persistance. It's my shopping mantra.


rena said...

your mantra is persistence, mine is "pick up, think about it, buy it and then return it" or "pick up, think about it, put it back" is that a mantra or just an OCD trait?

i can't believe you've never been to TJ Maxx! you've been missing out! btw, my mom's friend in houston knows "the best ones" haha.

l.borrego said...

Is this the same lady who know the good stores in Harwin? haha

We all know that my true shopping mantra is "Cost per wear." Running skirt, $12.99, wear 4 times it breaks down to $3 per wear...maybe I'll wear it to two races and two long runs....SOLD!

Laura said...

I love that mantra! I use it all the time!