Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I found you, Ms. New Booty

Tonight I tried a 20 min. glute workout I found on Fitness.com. I burned about 155 cals when set on 3.5 speed (I'm 5'3" and my short legs were working to keep up on the higher inclines!) The first 10 mins or so are not too difficult, but you end up jumping between the 12 and 10 incline for about 7 mins and really get your heart going! The 20 mins goes by very quickly, especially since you're constantly changing the incline every minute or two, so I took a 5 min cool down and did it once more. I was definitely tired after! Each session is a little over a mile.

When set at a speed of 3.5-5 you are definitely getting a cardio workout, but I think this would be just effective set on a much slower speed too!

I just wrote down the mins and inclines on a little sheet of paper and placed it on the treadmill. Easy shmeazy.

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