Friday, August 14, 2009

Bridge Run

Last night I finally got brave and ran out on the Kemah bridge with a friend. I have 5 weeks until the Toughest 10K in Houston, and you have to run the bridge 4 times. I was able to go across 4 times last night, and even though it was hard at least I know it can be done. I'm going to try and run the bridge once a week until the race. I'm all about muscle memory, and once I know how far I can go I usually am able to push myself just a tad further.
Now, the bridge's incline is pretty gradual, not at all as drastic as I thought it would be. I found it equally uncomfortable to run up it than to walk up it. When I ran my biceps throbbed--major sign that I need to get my arms in check with some strength training--and when I walked my glutes were killing me. I made sure to stretch really well after and soaked in a hot bath last night and today I'm feeling good!

I'm currently hunting for MP3s of cycling/spinning tracks with instructors in the background. Anyone know of any? Gold's Gym's RPM classes are amazing--all of their classes are--and unfortch my current gym falls way short with their spin class. I thought that if I could find some MP3s I could go in and ride on my own. I would LOVE it if Gold's released a series of tracks...hint, hint!

I was unable to find the Fuel Belt I wanted, so I ordered this Nathan handheld water bottle:
I'm a little nervous about using it because I like to run with my hands free, but I'm willing to give this a go and hey! It's pink! If this is a bust then I'll be forced to just buy the Fuel Belt.


jaclynrscott said...

You are SO brave! Every time I drive over the Kemah Bridge and see people bike riding or running I say a little prayer for them. I would trip and end up rolling the whole way down!

rena said...

have you tried itunes podcasts for running/spinning tracks? sometimes they have trainers in the backgrounds. :)

Melissa-D said...

Awesome!! I wish I lived closer and I would run the bridge with you! Greg has one of the hand-held water bottles like that (not pink though...ha), and I use it one shorter runs (1-4 miles). I drink a lot of liquids while runnings, so for longer runs I have no choice but to go with the fuel belt. There are some belts that hold larger bottles to where you can still have your hands free. I wish I had one for shorter runs, because I also hate to have stuff in my hands.

This is the fuel belt I have:

And this is the other larger bottle belt I was talking about:

Good luck!!

l.borrego said...

Thanks for the links Melissa! I took my water bottle with me for a long run, but I was on the treadmill and kept putting it down. I don't think I like it. I did drink 2 bottles worth of water though! Hello, camel. I'll definitely check out the ones you suggested.

Jackie! Now when I drive over the bridge I try to avoid the far lanes in case someone's running. I felt safe when I did it, but I feel like I was staring every car down with a look that said, "Give me fi'ty feet."

Crazy, apparently Gold's Gym uses a program called/by Les Mills. However your club has to have a membership with them. I did find a bootleg copy on Ebay for $32. Ridiculous.