Monday, August 17, 2009

Power Tracks

I mentioned that I found a podcast that puts together music mixes to run to. I have say again how much I love Indie Soup Runner. It’s the only thing I listen to when I run. There are quite a few mixes available to download and I try my best to upload a different mix to my iPod Shuffle every week or so. However, there is one mix that I particularly love.

In the middle of the Fartlek Psychedeli-Disco Mix are three songs in a row that I have dubbed my “power tracks.” The first few songs are good, but I’m still focusing on my pace or stride—still very aware that I am running, you know what I mean? Like you are fully aware every step, every minute, every tenth of a mile. But at about minute 23 of this mix I hear “Volver,” a song sung in Español , and I just start bopping my head to the beat. I let my mind wander, envisioning car racing montages from 80s movies. Up next is Ida Maria’s “Oh My God” which evokes the same emotion as Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone.” You know what I’m talking about. I start singing the song while I’m running. Not only that, but this track gets me running faster. I have to bump up the speed on the treadmill. So it ends and you think, OK, now it’s time to slow down, but no! "Hold The Line (DJ Edit)" by Major Lazer comes on and this makes you keep the same pace and lengthen your stride. By the time this song comes on I feel like I look like a runner. And it’s a little bit awesome and I bop my head to this song too. If I could run and drop it like it’s hot at the same time this would be the track I would do it to. Don’t worry, the people in the gym can tell I’m grooving when this track comes on. I purse my lips as I move my head from side to side.

Anyway, these are my power tracks, what are yours?

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Laura said...

Ha- they have been: Eye of the tiger, a remix of Britney's Someday, I will Understand, Total Eclipse of the Heart (shanghi surprise mix), Let it Rock (kevin rudolf), Dance floor anthem (good charlotte), Check Yes Juliet (we the kings), Awakening (switchfoot, Fire burning (sean kingston), and Rise above this (Seether)! I love em! I will be playing them again after december when I work out. I decided last night that I am going to hire this awesome trainer at my gym for the post pregnancy get back in gear deal...I'm excited as I've never had a trainer before!