Thursday, August 20, 2009

Step by Step (ooh, baby!)

I’ve mentioned that I listen to music while I run. I’m still addicted to the treadmill these days, though I’m anxiously awaiting hitting the asphalt and trails once the temperature drops and the cool air moves in. That will be in November. Anyway, I realized today that I happen to always schedule a run at the gym when Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is on. Now, I don’t always go to the gym at the same time, and I don’t even know when that show comes on, but apparently there is a channel out there that airs it a lot! All that to say, I find myself reading the captions and following the program, and I swear! Even on the treadmill—sweating to death—that show makes me tear up! Too much!

Today after my run I quickly changed, switched my running shoes for sandals, and ran across the gym toting my purple yoga mat to get to pilates. The ladies in there did not look like they were about to do pilates, and so I knew right away I had gotten the times mixed up again. I asked what the class was and they said 24SET. I remembered from the website that it had something to do with lifting weights, and since I have been telling myself I need to do more strength training I decided to stay. Everyone had steps out, and I didn’t think this was a big deal since you usually use the step to lay on and work your chest and triceps. I got all the equipment everyone else had, and even opted to use some lighter weights since I knew I hadn’t done a sculpting class in months. So I’m ready to pump some iron.

Tell me why we were working our biceps with handheld weights while doing step aerobics? Laura Borrego does not do step classes! 1. I am soooooo uncoordinated. I do not know how to dance, and when I do I’m usually in one place and just throw my hands in the air and sometimes shimmy down to the floor and right back up. If I’m really feeling the song maybe I’ll turn around in a circle. But that is it! So all this step up with one foot, but then jump around, back up, and then step down with the other foot—no, I do not know what you are doing.

2. Step classes kill my knees. I know running is really bad for my knees too, but I try to rest between runs. I had just ran a fast 4 miles and already felt my knee throbbing, so I knew I was in trouble (hello, that’s why I was going to pilates!) I looked like I mess trying to figure out how to get on and off that step and trying to stay on beat, and when I finally got it they were already working on something else. I was super behind. And then my arms were throbbing on top on that. Lady, why are you so happy and perky and able to give clear instructions as you’re doing this?

This is what I can say. That class is killer. I loved the instructor and I loved the weights part. I may even go again but I won’t do any of the step stuff. I have a feeling I am going to be super sore tomorrow, but at least I’ll know that the strength training has officially begun.


rena said...

Lol - this made me laugh. I was just trying to picture you jumping and stepping. Way to stay through the whole thing though!
(why is my word verification 'spine'? random)

Melissa-D said...

Ha!! This was even funnier because I've been to this class, and I had the exact same thoughts!

The stepping is definitely very hard on the knees ( I think it's even harder on the knees than running!)

Laura said...

Friend are you taking that glucosomine condriton's something that is good for your joints? It really helped my knees way back when...Ok and yes, I confess I am totally living vicariously through your running events/work outs right now. I will look forward to doing this agian someday! I actually tried to jog at the gym the other day and my heartrate shot up to 146 super quickly...which in normal life is not a big deal, but apparently when you are preggo you cannot exceed 140 bpm b/c it takes blood and other vital stuff away from your baby! ugh!