Thursday, August 27, 2009

Those summer nights

So I took the new handheld water bottle out for a bridge run and I can officially say I hate it. By the end I was alternating holding hands every 5 seconds. It was killing me. Did I love having water while I was running? Yes, but clearly this is not the hydration system for me. So, I'm going back on the hunt for a water belt.

Also, I've decided that I'm addicted to 24SET, the step/weights class. I went twice this week with two different instructors and I'm enjoying the challenge. It's definitely still hard and I'm trying to figure out the correct weight to use on different moves, and I did take away one step which has helped a lot with my knees. But I think this is the perfect way for me to get in my strength training since I'm so incredibly intimidated by the machines, and I feel like I get a complete workout in 45 mins. I think next week I'll try to add the step back.

The weather has cooled a bit, and the warm summer nights are becoming more enjoyable and less oppressive. Though my fashion magazines are featuring the fall trends of sweaters, tights, layers, and new coats, I'm going to search for a few light and flowy dresses to enjoy our extended summer season.


rena said...

i think i would get frustrated with the water bottle - better the belt. and i still would like some flowy dresses

Anonymous said...

get a camelback

Melissa-D said...

I have a camelback for's way too bulky and annoying for runs! You gotta just go for the fuel belt. It feels odd at first, but after a couple of runs, it works well.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

i think a camelback is great- well, for LONG distance.. when I was training for the marathon.. nothing beat it. and you can get the kind that arent bulky and sleek.. it was really really great.

Laura said...

I loved my camelback and intend on using it again someday! I also just had a simple band that went around my hips and held a water bottle at the center of my lower back and it worked out well for runs too! You'll find what you need eventually, you just have to test some of em out! :) I'm so proud of all your running friend!