Monday, August 10, 2009

Training starts...NOW!

Today was the first day of training for my first fall race. I have a few races lined up all leading to the Houston half and hopefully the Austin half in February. That means lots of running from now until February! I'm excited because I have been such a slacker this summer--it's been too hot! I had to join the gym just to get in a few runs on the treadmill. I have six weeks until The Toughest 10K in Houston. I ran an easy 5 miles tonight at the gym. When I was on vacation I ran in their gym and did a pretty decent 3 miles. I have to attribute some of this to the fact that their treadmill had a personal fan! I have never run on a treadmill with a fan, I loved it. Tonight I ran a bit slower and faced a few humps, but those miles got done. Oh, so I was at 4.89 miles and had been bumping up my speed for the last half mile. I was running full out when all of a sudden the machine stopped! It just turned off. It was over it. I almost catapulted off the thing! I rebooted it and jogged a bit more to finish, but that was crazy.

Ok, so I find it very interesting when people at the gym come in looking perfect...and then leave looking perfect. I'm like, what just went on? I look like a hot mess when I leave, and when I'm running I look even worse. Straight up pouring down sweat, ugly face, breathing through my mouth in weird patterns and clearing my throat. Does that happen to you? I get like phlegm or something and have to clear my throat, I sound like an 80 year old man.

Then there are the people who are wearing regular, cargo shorts or khaki pants? Tonight a girl was in super short shorts that had a camouflage pattern. They weren't gym shorts though, they were regular shorts, or however regular tiny camouflage shorts are.

Also, today there was a season 2 marathon of Mad Men! I was behind so I DVRd all of them and am making my way through it. Season 3 starts in a few weeks. I love this show, it's just so interesting. The 60s weren't that long ago, my parents were born in the early 60s. But these people are driving around without a seatbelt on and are eating red meat and Jello molds at every meal and washing it down with whole milk--all while holding a ciggy in their hand!

My favorite part is the fashion. The women just always look so glamorous and put together. They always have their hair did they do that? I can only Chi my hair. The curves of their bodies are amazing, and you get to see all of the body shapers they wore everyday to help them squeeze into those form fitting dresses! Clearly a little shift dress should be a staple in every girl’s closet.


Laura said...

Yes, I get the gunk where I have to clear my throat...and I look like a mess (SUPER pink matter how in shape I am!) after I run! You are turning into "sporty Borrego"! I'm so impressed!

rena said...

Obvs, I go in looking rough and come out rougher. I'm also quite disgusting at the gym, I don't think you've worked out properly if you don't look like that ;)

Sarah Beth said...

I feel you on the old man syndrome....I'm definately THAT girl that wheezes, sweats bullets & stomps on the treadmill...but HEY at least I'm doing it! No shame!!!