Sunday, September 13, 2009

Doggy in the window

So anyone who runs in neighborhoods has at one point encountered a loose dog. I used to run with a dog, and I feel as though she actually attracted strays and drove the dogs secured behind their fence into a barking frenzy. I've come across a few dogs when I'm out on my own, and except for the one pit bull who actually wasn't too interested in me, I've never been scared. We tend to leave each other along and each go our own way.

Today, however, I saw a man walking his dog. Another dog--not leashed--was bugging them. I decided to walk past them rather than run in case the dog ran after me. No sooner had the old man and his dog left my peripheral vision did I suddenly have a new best friend. The boxer was suddenly walking alongside me. I tried to ignore him. I even stopped dead in the middle of the street, but he stopped right next to me. I tried to shoo him away, he smiled back at me. So I started running again, and guess what? He came with.

He was a really pretty dog, and clearly still a puppy. Sometimes he'd get distracted by a cat and he'd dart across the street, but he always managed to catch back up. Well, I was in a specific neighborhood, and if I kept running I knew I would lead him further away from home. So I just stopped there and hoped someone would come out of their house at 7 am looking for their pup. No one did. I stood/walked around for 25 mins. I couldn't stand there all day. I decided to run back home, but that meant crossing a major street. Well, we both made it across the street and I just ran inside the house. I was sort of hoping he'd leave, even though I was nervous about him getting it by a car. I went to go peek at the door to see if he was still there and who was looking back at me?

My bestie. He stayed there for about 20 mins. He'd lay down, and then you'd hear him throw his paws against the window to look inside. M parents were loving it, they thought he was so cute. We finally decided that my father would take him back across the street and try to figure out where he lived, and if theat didn't work we'd move on to plan B.
I need to mention that we had no leash/collar for him, so my dad put a belt around his neck to lead him back across the street. He wasn't hurt, don't worry. At one point he let him off the leash and the dog ran away, so my dad turned back around to walk home. A few minutes later a woman in a van pulled up alongside my dad with the boxer! She said, "I saw you walking him a minute ago and then he was over here, I thought I would just drive him back to you." omg. This dog. My dad explained that it wasn't his dog, that he was just helping him cross the intersection, etc. My dad starting walking with the dog again and he eventually ran back to his house. Ridiculous!
And of course as soon as my dad left with him I started looking online for boxers :) Even though he was bugging me he sort of stole my heart.


rena said...

for a second I was like why did you need to your dad to leave to look at boxers, until I realized this pup WAS a boxer..and you were not talking about men's underwear, and i am appaerntly still wasted from thursday night.

april. said...

omg those pictures are SO CUTE!! keep him! i loved watching leann's boxer. he was perfect! do it!!