Sunday, September 20, 2009

Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails

When I was driving home from the race on Saturday I quickly decided that I had enough energy and time to make it to my sweet friend Laura's baby shower in Austin, TX. I had told her weeks before I wouldn't be able to make it because of the race, but in that moment I knew I could get it together and get there! As I was driving home I was thinking about exactly what I would wear so that I could get home, shower and change, and jump back in the car. After a quick stop to pick out a baby outfit and grab a v. necessary double latte, I was off! Luckily I was able to ride with a friend so I could just veg out for a bit.

Laura's shower was so nice, and baby Creighton was showered with lots of wonderful presents! I am so excited for him to get here and I cannot wait to hold that little baby! I also can't wait to see my beautiful friend take on the new role of being a mother. Laura has always been bursting with love and grace and creativity and fun, and now her baby boy is going to get to experience all of this and more!
Baylor girls


One of my gifts: A fleece footed-onesie with moose all over it!



Anonymous said...

Please pray for this family:

Laura said...

Oh friend, it was such a fun surprise to hear that you were coming after all! Thanks so much! I loved getting to hang out with you! Brian digs the moose outfit too, and I can't wait to wrap Creighton up in all that warm fleece! You will get a pic someday! love you!