Tuesday, September 22, 2009

iPhone envy

I'm BlackBerry girl. I don't say that with much conviction, it was gifted to me last Christmas and was a complete surprise. I've enjoyed it though, but I use it mostly for making phone calls and checking email.* I haven't been too envious of the iPhone.

But that just changed about 7 minutes ago.

The Lil Bee, a blog that I've recently been keeping up, just informed me that it's launched its very own iPhone application, Feather Report. What's a Feather Report? A fashion + weather update. Brills.
You type in your location, let it know the occasion (Happy Hour, Girl's Night Out, Date Night, Shopping Spree), and it will generate outfit suggestions.
I mean, I feel like this would be beneficial to my life, it would give me back all of the time that I spend trying on my entire closet to find one outfit. It's some friendly guidance, like having your bestie at your side to help you make up your mind. And I'm sure it would also help me "build" my wardrobe too. Just look at this outfit. I have white shorts, a denim purse, some nude sandals...but I don't have a top quite like that. I can remedy that though.
Must get a iPhone.

Let's talk about how I just started using some of the BB applications and features because I really am not tech savvy and didn't even know about BB chat. Maybe the iPhone will make me tech savvy.


elisabeth said...

I wasn't too excited about the iPhone either, until I got one. There really is an app for everything! I'd be lost without it now!

l.borrego said...

You must get this app and tell me how you like it! Let me live vicariously through you please.

rena said...

Noooooo don't switch!!! ;) Not that we use BB msgr all that much. In any case, that app is a-maz-ing. It would be like your own PLA!