Saturday, September 26, 2009

I've got my eye on you

A few shopping reports:

Tried to do some shopping this afternoon but didn't find anything I just had to walk out of the store with. That's always sad. Instead of wallowing I decided to start trying on dresses that a) I have no need for at the moment, and b) are definitely not in the budget. It didn't matter though, my spirits lifted as I slid on these fab dresses and daydreamed about where I'll be wearing them (NYE???)

Love these Gianni Bini dresses. Is it wrong that I think I looked better in them that the model does?!

I also saw tons of form-fitting knit shift dresses, so Mad Men-mania has definitely hit the stores.
I snagged two Maybelline Color Sensational lipsticks that were on my list, Plum-Tastic and Bit of Berry. The first one is nice, but has a bitter of shimmer in it that I'm not in love with. The second one is a great bright pink color, HOWEVER it is matte. This threw me for a loop since the first lippy I bought was creamy. It's also a bit difficult to put on. It's not at all creamy--maybe a lip brush would be helpful. Anyway, I thought I would embrace the matte lipstick, bring it back if you will, but it has a very funky smell and taste to it. This saddens me. It's truly bad, like chalk and new house smell, which is what? Paint and drywall? On my lips? No good.

There are two more shades I'm going to pick up next week. For only $5.50 a pop, I'm willing to test out a few more.

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rena said...

I love the black dress and love some shift dresses! Sorry about the lipstick, drywall and paint? ick.