Monday, September 28, 2009

"These little town blues are melting away..."

Tonight I enjoyed a bit of Jazz Fest over at D'Vine Wine in Kemah.  My friend's father played the drums for a Frank Sinatra cover singer.  This  His voice was pretty decent and he definitely had charisma, and that's really all you need, especially when people have been sipping on some wine. 

The wine was not the best; they have lots of fruit blends that were very sweet.  Grapefruit wine?  I think this would be good for a brunch.  The pinot noir was so smoky, it tasted more like Shiner Smokehaus.  The ambiance is cute though: a great backyard patio with tons of seating, and indoor seating as well.  It's still a bit warm at night and being so close to the water means lots of humidity and mosquitoes, but this would be a great place to hang out once it gets a bit cooler.

At one point the song "New York, New York" came one, and I felt someone pulling my arm.  One of the ladies felt that this rendition deserved a kick team, and recruited me to join her.  I may look like I'm having fun, but that only last a brief moment.  We ended up staying up there--clumsily flailing our legs--for a good 4 minutes.  We definitely aren't the Radio City Rockettes, but I think we gave the patrons a good show.

Onto my reviews:
Pinot Grigio: Thin, flat, not crisp, no bite, a bit bland
Pinot Noir: no bite, woody, oaky, super smoky
Grapefruit Blush: v. sweet, acidic aftertaste, crisp (something different for a brunch)
Blackberry Merlot: nice tannins, dry finish, heavy berry front note, a little "juicy" (This was my favorite out my tastings)
Raspberry Chocolate Port- v. sweet berry front note, heavy dark chocolate follows, tasty but a bit overwhelming

I've been researching wineries here in Texas and have discovered that there are three nearby. I'll be organizing some fieldtrips for October and November, so be on the look out for some more reviews!

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Laura said...

There is a very small winery in between Austin and San Antonio that I went to and enjoyed with Brian when we were dating...but I can't remember the name. Perhaps it is in New Bransfels (sp?) and maybe it will come up in your wine tour and you can tell me it's name!