Sunday, September 20, 2009

Toughest 10k in Houston - Dunzo!

This past Saturday was my first race this fall, the Toughest 10k in Houston! I was very excited about this race, especially since it was literally right down the road from me and I was able to get a few practice runs on the bridge in. I was there early enough to see the sunrise over the water--it was beautiful! The Boardwalk might be a new favorite place of mine to go in the morning. The wonderful thing about running on the bridge is that you can get some nice breezes up there! The bad thing about running on the bridge is getting up there! We began on the Kemah Boardwalk, ran through the neighborhood and then headed toward the docks/under the bridge. I never run that close to the water and let me tell you--it smells! So bad! Like fish! Then we looped under the bridge and started making our way up, trip 1 of 4.
Since I've been running the bridge I know when/where it starts to become difficult for me. For some reason running up the southbound lane is much easier than running up the northbound lane, so runs 1 & 3 up were fine. Run 2 semi drains me but the run down is fabulous (don't you love running downhill? It's like you're flying!) oh, but run 4 up the bridge! I mean, I can never run up it, by then my glutes are dunzo. Yes, this bridge does a number on the tush. It's equally painful to run/walk up it. But I finally made it up and then knew I had a bout a mile and a half left on flat road and just went for it!
My little fam were nice enough to get up early and snap a few pics/cheer me on.

Around mile 1 running along the marina
Heading up the bridge!
And flying down!
I love how dramatic my face is here, haha
Trying to smile and show how much fun I'm having...
But this is how I was really feeling!

A really great run. I was pleased with my time, though I'm looking forward to comparing my race times between this 10K which had these huge climbs and my next 10K which will be on flat road.
Don't you love going to races only to find out about other upcoming races?! Oh yes, I wasn't planning on doing a race on Thanksgiving since getting to the Galleria area is too much on a holiday morning, but this year one of the running clubs in my area is organizing a run over here! I mean, I have to go and show my support!
Next on the race calendar: a 5k in two weeks!


rena said...

good job!

Laura said...

Way to go friend!!! Wow,and you STILL made my baby shower! I'm so impressed!

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