Friday, October 9, 2009

"Ah, push it" ~Salt-N-Pepa

For the running folks: How do you do your tempo run? I had a 5 mi tempo run on the schedule today, including a “warm-up/cool down and 3 mi @ 10:50” (that’s what my training plan from RW said) . I usually just go out and run an easy 5 mi when I see this, but I did some research and basically came to the conclusion that there are a million variations of the tempo run. I need feedback.

Have you heard of the One Hundred Push Ups Challenge? I came across this site a few months ago, but just bookmarked it and didn’t think about it again. In the weightlifting/step class I go to at the gym (SET) we always take a minute to do as many push ups as possible. Now, push ups have never been my forte. Last year I took part in a boot camp and when I did push ups I would always start out in the modified position. I could do tons of modified push ups, but couldn’t do a single standard one! My cutie trainer was very good about calling me out and letting me know he knew I could do a few standard push ups. He told me to always start out doing standards until I can’t take it, and the finish out with modified push ups. So, I still use that same approach in SET.

Now, I don’t do the best standard pushups, but I’m hoping my form will get better the more I do them. You do a few sets of push ups 3 days a week for six weeks, and hopefully at the end you can do 100 of them. I’ll be happy if I can half that! Know that you can also follow this plan doing modified push ups.

There’s also a 200 sit ups and 200 squats challenge on the site too! I think I’ll pass for now…

Daily Training
XT: Pushups Challenge, Wk 1 Day 1
Run: 5 mi
TAL: Frenemies

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rena said...

ooh situps! Maybe I'll join you :)