Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fall & funnel cake fun

I woke up early for my first long run of my half training. I usually have to get up before the sun to ensure some cooler temps, however this morning I remembered it was going to be “cold” all day and so I slept in. Got up and going around 10 a.m. and did my 6 mi in 59 degree temps! I made the mistake of not eating a little something before I left, and I didn’t drive out and leave my water bottle at my halfway point so I had to carry it more than I wanted to. I have no idea why that water bottle kills me and my arm, but it does and it drains me of energy. I wasn't feeling stellar until mile 4, and then I was only motivated by the opportunity to eat oatmeal!  I finished my run, jumped in the shower, ate some oatmeal and then went right back to bed. It was a good morning :)

This afternoon I went to our community’s Fall Back Festival, and you know what street festivals mean—funnel cake! I shared one with my little mom and we sat on the curb and chatted and people-watched. At one point in time, Sylvan Beach was considered a resort area. However, several hurricanes and decades of serious erosion took a toll on the beach. The city was fortunate enough to be included in a beach revitalization grant and there is tons of sand being dumped out there right now. On top of that there are many building projects taking place "downtown". I am all about community development, and I’m excited to see the how these projects will impact the community.

Here’s a picture of the original entrance to Sylvan Beach, taken a million years ago…

And here is a picture from today! Someone built this little replica. I thought it was so cute!

Daily Training
Run: 6 mi
TAL: Switched at Birth

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