Tuesday, October 6, 2009

“L: I want you to want me, need me, love me.” -Oatmeal

I have a strange attraction to oatmeal. I’m not talking about oatmeal in general, though I do love all things oats, but a hot bowl of the stuff. I love that it’s comforting and filling, that it sticks with you all day. I love that especially during fall you start seeing commercials of people running in from the cold outdoors and are greeted with a steaming bowl of oats.

However, I hate the way oatmeal tastes. Well, not tastes, but its consistency. I actually prefer to pour cold milk over it and have it that way. Every year or so I try to give it another chance, and not even a single spoonful can ever be swallowed.

But here I am again, trying to figure out how to become an oatmealer.

After a lot of research, I found this website. This girl loves her some oatmeal. After looking through a few dozen of her posts she restored my determination. Kath has some of the most fun add-ins! I’m all about accessorizing. Unfortch since I’m still new at this I only had a few of Kath’s staples: peanut butter and honey.

I knew that I needed the oats to be on the dry side. I mixed ½ c oats with 1/3 c milk and a pinch of salt and threw it in the microwave. The oats had absorbed all of the liquid and were just barely softened. I know it isn’t the traditional soupy/creamy oatmeal, but I loved it!!!!!! Finally a consistency that I can enjoy. To be honest, the PB didn’t really do much for me. I’m going to add a cinnamon/cocoa powder/sugar mixture to it tomorrow and see how that goes. Next week I’ll go look for some fun toppings that were featured on the blog. How do you like your oatmeal???

In other news, today was day one of my 15 week half marathon training! On top of that I’m still trying to run every day this month, but I’m realizing the importance of taking time off to rest. I decided that on my XT/Rest days I will ONLY run 1 mi. I’m not allowing myself to run more. This is a little difficult because I feel silly running for 10 mins. To not look like a complete lame-o at the gym today I ran a mile and then walked on huge incline for another ½ mile. Tomorrow I’m scheduled to do a 2 mi run. I need to not be impatient because I have 6 miles ahead of me on Saturday and my weekday mileage will start getting up there soon enough! I’m also going to start adding my training logs at the end of each post.

Each yummy image borrowed from Kath Eats Real Food.

Daily Training
XT: Muscle Blast & Crunch @24
Run: 1.5 mi


Running 365 said...

Don't feel guilty about just getting one mile on your rest/xt days! You're running every freaking day...take those one milers easy!

On a different note, I have it BAD for oatmeal. As in, I have at least 5 boxes (and a big carton) stockpiled in my pantry so I will never run out. Right now I've been on a cereal kick in the morning so I haven't had as much oatmeal, but I definitely broke out a bowl last night at like 10:30. Sometimes I pour the packet in the bowl and then mash up a banana in it. Cover with water, microwave about 1.5 minutes and you have warm banana cobbler!

rena said...

Um yeah I might eat more oatmeal if it was dressed up like that. All of her recipes look great!

l.borrego said...

Day 2 of oatmealing has been a succcess! I sprinkled some cocoa powder, cinnamon and honey on it and it was pretty tasty! And today I will not be sad to only running 2 mi--my arms and legs feel like jello from my class yesterday!

april. said...

steel cut oats. or buckwheat cereal (not the same but still...) with apples cooked in a little butter and cinnamon powder. yum! oh and maybe a little maple syrup too.

Laura said...

I like cinn apple oatmeal but I mix in golden raisins and I use milk instead of water, but I make mine thick, not runny. Sometimes I toss in dried cranberries as well. Maple syrup is also good mixed in and personally, I love a bit of pb mixed in with a bowl of maple sugar oatmeal and pecans...Simple Harvest- I love it. Infact, I am now fighting the urge to go make a bowl since I am NOT actually hungry. Somehow I've mangaged to gain 3 lbs in two cute little weeks. Wow- I mean that is equal to the amount Creighton weighs right now...sad...

I'm glad you have found a way to love oatmeal friend!

l.borrego said...

Laura, I love that this post on oatmeal managed to excited you and depress you all in one dose. You are silly! Do you have a specific # of weight you should be gaining weekly/monthly from here on out? 3 lbs sounds fine. Creighton needs to have some meat on his bones if he's going to be playing some Texas football!