Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Mail Day!

Highlights from the day:

Went on a walk around noon to pick up some pinecones for a project. Wandered too far with the daschund, was attacked by hoards of mosquitoes, and we both nearly died of heat exhaustion. Apparently the heat index was 100 F. Came home and laid on the floor under the fan with a wet towel on my head. Daschund did the same.

Received my second postcard, this time from BPS member Melissa in Washington! Mailed my “sizzling hot” postcard to Leah in London!

Thank you, M!

Hope you're well, L!

Ran 1 mi and went to SET (Strength Endurance Training), where there were tons of new people.

Came home and watched my DVRd epi of today’s Oprah after reading this morning that this amazing blogger/momma was going to be on! She and her husband were in a terrible plane crash but survived. I cried three times while reading her blog, especially reading this post. Their life is a love story, and it’s just getting more and more beautiful each day.

Daily Training
XT: S.E.T.@24
Run: 1 mi

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