Thursday, October 1, 2009

October Challenge

The plan is to run every day in October, even if it's only a mile. Even if it's only for 10 minutes. There will be no makeup days. No, "But it's almost 7 pm and I have to go to the store, and then I have to watch The Office and Project Runway (and Models of the Runway), and then it will be too late." No, "It's too hot outside," or "It rained today and it will be humid out there," or "I really don't feel like getting showered and dressed again." The shoes are going on every day, even for a little mile.


1. I want to notice Texas welcome the fall, to feel the change of season in each day
2. Sometimes my "rest/XT" days last one or two days longer than they should
3. It's an achievable goal, and I want to feel the satisfaction of completion

***three hours later***

Spent too much time being indecisive about my craft project at Hobby Lobby, and then too much time being indecisive about my baking project at the grocery store. As soon as I walked in the door I put on my shoes and ran just over a mile...even though it was dark, and humid, and hot, and there was no breeze. And I feel good that I started October off right.


rena said...

way to go! (also, my word verification is "constant", i think that's a sign for you and your goal)

Melissa-D said...

Awesome!! I'm impressed!

Running 365 said...

Yay! I'm so glad you told me about your challenge so I can follow your adventure. What a wonderful way to watch the weather change...I hadn't thought of it like that. And a month is a nice, achievable opposed to a year, which obviously, I've been dropping the ball on. :)