Tuesday, October 6, 2009


This weekend I attended The Original Greek Festival here in Houston.  Despite the rain which forced us to huddle around a tiny table inside the tent we still enjoyed some delicious food and drink!  While my friends opted for souvlaki (meat on a stick) I hit up the spanakopita and dolmade stand. The spanakopita was out of this world, perhaps the best I've ever had. I'm usually not a fan of dolmades, but like oatmeal I'm always willing to give them a second chance. They were definitely the best I've had, but the dolmade is still going to have to win me over. As for the wine...it was good and plentiful :)

To continue on with all things Greek, I finally shelled out some Washingtons for Greek yogurt!  I can understand why people love it.  I really can't believe it's fat free!  And the amount of protein is amazing.  However, at $1 a 1/2 cup I have been savoring each bite.  Luckily I have a few coupons, which will drop it down to a price comparable to Rachel's, and I'm fine paying that much.  I've had it with honey and also with my cocoa/cinnamon mix.

Went for a 2 mi run today at the gym.  I felt silly driving out to the gym to run and my little green heart was dying a little, but it was 91 degrees outside.  Remember how I said I was going to run every day to see the change in seasons?  Texas is not cooperating with me.  It's not supposed to "cool" down until Saturday when Canada sends us a cold front.  I'll have to make sure to wake up early for my run or else I will be running in the muggy heat...and will probably pass out...and be carried off by wild dogs...or cows since I run past a pasture full of them.

On BTT where I'm logging my runs there's a place to enter the temperature.  I'm going to start logging the temps so I can see how crazy the weather in October really is here in Houston!  This is what we've had so far:

We were lucky it was cool on Saturday for the race, but 71?  More like 78.  With the exception of Saturday and today the rest of those days I ran at night, so yeah  it's still pretty warm here.  My friends in CA and NY are living it up in the 60s and low 70s.  Whatever.

Daily Training
Run: 2 mi on treadmill


sam said...

I have always wanted to try that yogurt! It is so pricy though! i guess I am going to have to suck it up and buy it though, i hear nothing but yummy things about it.

rena said...

don't forget about your friend in bahrain who's "living it up" with 100! What I wouldn't give for the 80s...although I'm cold when it hits 89 now? So I'm basically going to turn into a popsicle when I come home.
Also, thanksgiving, spanikopita, do it. I have mama sims's recipe!

Laura said...

I'm glad you tried the dolmades (for some reason I thought they were called dolmas...tasty stuff wraped in grape leaves, yes?)- I love them- I used to get them from Tom's via Whole Foods when I lived in Austin...I wish I was close enough to meet you for lunch friend!

Melissa-D said...

I should have gone to the gym to run today, but stubborn me wanted to run outside. Big mistake! I ran a mile and then thought I was going to pass out. Not only was it terribly hot, but it was so humid - I could hardly breathe!

Melissa A. said...

Hey Laura,
I'm so glad you liked the postcard. Thanks for stopping by to let me know. I have never been that fond of dolmades either, but my husband is half Lebanese and he makes stuffed grape leaves in the Lebanese style and they are usually served warm and are very yummy. If you have any Lebanese restaurants in your area, you should try it out. They are very similar to Greek.

l.borrego said...

Sam - the plain yogurt is so thick it’s almost like sour cream, lol. I’m not sure how enticing that is, but really, that’s the best description I can give you. They have honey and vanilla, but the calories and carbs obvs go up with those. You can def. use the yogurt for herby dips. And go to the website to print off a coupon!

Crazy- heat index today was 100, so we’re basically living the same scorching hot la vida loca. Why did I pull out my sweaters and boots just because it said October 1 on the calendar?

Laura- I saw a recipe online for dolmade salad? Grape leaves maybe hard to find but I’m think a hearty green like kale might work?

Melissa D.- it.is.so.hot. I have had to at the gym run every day = boring, but I am still alive and not on the side of the road. I have to do 5 mi in there tomorrow . Saturday is supposed to be nice and cool, high of 74! Perfect for a long run (knock on wood)

Melissa A.- I definitely need to try some Lebanese food soon! I’m going to start researching some places here in Houston!

Hailey said...

Sirena told me this morning that you had blogged about Greek yogurt after I mentioned that I was eating some and am hooked on it....SOOOO I had to come find your blog and send you a comment! :)

I got the Brown Cow brand yesterday (I think it's $1.25 for the 5.3 oz one)...and there's a coupon on the bottom side of the foil top for buy 2 get one free :)

Good luck with your race training!

Anonymous said...

What did anyone think of the MC for the Greek Fest, any good?? Hint, Hint...