Monday, October 12, 2009

Rain + Pan Dulce

The past two days have been rainy, gloomy, and super steamy. It would be one thing if it looked like this and you opened the door and smelled smoke from fireplaces. Instead, you're forced to walk through the heavy wet air.

Regardless of the temperature, rainy days are always meant for eating a bit of pan dulce and sipping on coffee, tea, or hot chocolate (preferably Mexican hot chocolate!) After church we grabbed a taco at our favorite taqueria and also bought a few sweet treats: some crumbly sugar cookies and mini sweet breads. If you've never ventured into a Mexican bakery, also known as a panaderia, you should! Don't be intimidated. At most stores you simply grab a large tray and some tongs and go shelf to shelf picking out whatever you want. And don't be afraid to pile those treats high, because more than likely it will only cost between $5-$10. We bought 4 of the breads pictured above, and 6 cookies for $3!

I was on my feet all day and wore some gorgeous, yet impractical, patent leather plum wedges. I barely made it to my car after work! I went straight to the gym to do my short run and felt.every.step. I'm about to soak the tootsies for a bit and then indulge in some Gossip Girl before bed :)

I was recently given a copy of P90X by a friend. I'm a bit nervous, seeing as how when he handed it to me he told me he threw up after the first 30 minutes. What?! I'm going to give it go tonight, but if it's out of control I'm stopping--it's not worth losing my pan dulce over!

Daily Training
Run: 2 mi
Previewed P90X


Lindsay said...

Oh that bread looks so good!

rena said...

I can't wait for pan dulce!! Also, I've heard crazy things about P90X, but also, good things. :) good luck!

Anonymous said...

p90x is amazing- and if you REALLY do it- REALLY do it- incredible and very difficult. I am on my second go round.. good luck

Running 365 said...

Nothing is worth losing your pan dulce over! :) I'm going to get for-real about some kind of workout plan like that after the marathon...maybe, I'll make it through Jillian's 30 Day Challenge. So far, I've only made it to day 3.