Monday, November 23, 2009

"Be sure to keep in touch CC, OK?" ~Hillary Whitney

"Well sure. We're friends, aren't we? "
~CC Bloom, Beaches

I am so behind in updates!  Luckily it's Thanksgiving break, 11 glorious days free!  I felt I needed to recap what's been going on these past few weeks.  Besides work, which has been great but exhausting, I've now had two weekend with my college roommates.  With Sirena being stateside and Laura getting ready to welcome her baby, we've really been intentional with trying to see each other.  Last week, Carosa, Sirena, Shea and I had what we dubbed an 8th Grade Slumber Party!  Sirena and Carosa came down from ATX and Shea graciously played hostess with the mostess.  We started with dinner at a cute local Italian place (and I've forgotten the name, so no link!)

After dinner we opted to stay in.  We all immdiately changed into comfy sleepware and reconvened in the living room.  Magazines, nail polish, & plenty of snacks and wine were on hand (ok, the wine is not so 8th grade). 

We even played a funny little question game. Even though we know a lot about each other, some of the questions and answers had us squealing, which made the whole evening that much more fun!

The next day we had brunch at my favorite Empire Cafe before C & S headed back to ATX.  A short but much needed weekend with good friends!

(Yes, I'm wearing my Lauren Conrad blouse, don't we look like twins?)

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