Saturday, November 28, 2009

Glitter Polish

First of all, yes, I am a blogging machine today.  I had a ton of things I wanted to share, and I'm putting off getting ready for next week.  Also, I have a feeling my posts will start to dwindle/become very short for the next three weeks until Christmas break.  I got a little overwhelmed with my calendar a few moments ago.

Secondly, look at this dachshund!  He's such a baby, I love him!

OK, on to the goods.  I was reading this month's Rachael Ray Magazine and saw some fabulous multi-colored glitter nail polish (p. 52)

caption: Save the confetti for your nails: Ring in the new year wearing Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer in Happy Birthday. $18

Oooh! I absolutely love this!  In some ways glitter polish is so junior high, but it's so sparkly and fun (though such a pain to remove).  While Deborah's polish looks fab, I thought I would test out the glitter polish fad on the cheap first.  I looked around found this glitter polish by wetnwild for $1.99.

wetnwild Craze Nail Lacquer in Glitz

I decided to test it out on the tootsies first, and I have to admit...I like it!

I think a multi-colored glitter polish like the one featured would be really fun, especially for holiday parties or for NYE, but even this pink is pretty festive.  I applied four coats, but If you had a base color of pink you could probably get away with two.


Melissa-D said...

OPI has some with light glitter/sparkles that I found at Kroger yesterday. It's so cute, and not overly glittery (which does remind me of jr. high). They have several different ones - it's part of their Christmas line. I tried one, and I loved it!

Laura said...

Nice friend- I also noticed that polish in the RR mag! If I get to have another pedicure before Creighton is born I am def. going with some glitz!