Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"Have you seen her? Tell me have you seen her (seen her)" -MC Hammer

Another successful day of shopping! I scored a great running tank from Target for only $4, and two cute tops. I also bought myself a Korres travel set and trio of body butters. I had actually bought these as a gift for someone else, and I regretted not getting a set for myself. I was so happy to see there were still a few left!

I had a great short run this afternoon and felt really energized. As a result I was about 4 min faster than a few days ago! Granted, today was crisp and cool out and the other day was so heavy with humidity I felt like I was pushing through a heavy wall. While I’m thankful for the cooler weather the time change is rough! The sunsets at 5:30 and rises at 6:30, so I have a feeling whether I run in the morning or evening I’ll be doing it in the dark. Which brings me to the next gadget I’ll be purchasing…

I saw this yesterday when I was looking at the Sports Authority website and didn’t really understand how you would use it. Tonight I was driving over the bridge I noticed a man running, and a red light was blinking from where an arm band would be. I’m not sure if this runner was using the Brooks Nightlife Magnetic LED Light, but it has great reviews and sells for $14.95 on Sports Authority. Also, for one day only, 11/04/2009, there is free shipping on this item (and others) at, and there is no tax for most states! Since I run mostly in neighborhoods I think this will be a great investment.

Daily Training
Run: 2.36 mi

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