Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hear You Me

I could feel my voice going on Tuesday. On Wednesday I knew I only had a little bit left. I woke up this morning with nothing. Nothing but pain when I attempted to form words by forcing air out. So, no school today, and instead I made a trip to the doctor. Every nurse I had to “talk” to thought it was funny that I didn’t have a voice. Um, it’s not. Try walking into Walgreens or a health store and whispering to people. Or try explaining to the older woman at Walgreens who is determined to find the throat lozenges advertised in the paper for $.99 that you can’t find them/aren’t looking for them/don’t care that she thinks the lozenges you have in your hand taste disgusting. I don’t think she even noticed I wasn’t talking to her, she kept talking to me, and following me around with her shopping cart. I think she thought I was going to get to the bottom of this mess for her and demand some $.99 lozenges for each of us! No, I just need to pick up my prescriptions.

It’s just a case of laryngitis, but the doctor gave me a steroid shot and a z-pack.  I'm glad, because I hate leaving a place empty-handed.  She also suggested I find tea that had slippery elm bark in it because she heard from people that it does wonders. There was a health store two blocks down and I was able to pick some up there.

The lady working there told me to steep the tea, squeeze out any water from the bag, and then immediately put it  in a second mug of water to steep again. She said drinking two mugs back to back really works.

I can definitely tell the difference. I’m have about 30% voice right now, but that was coming form 0%. I’m pretty sure I’ll be able to go to work tomorrow, which I’m really excited about, because….

I scored a long-term sub job! And for social studies no less. I’m very excited, and I was sad to already miss a day. I think both the students and I need some consistency and we’ll all still getting used to each other, but they have been very receptive and complimentary. One student confided in another teacher that he thought I was very smart. Thank you. They all ask every day if I will be their new teacher. If anything I’m glad to be able to get them back into a routine for a bit…and it’s nice for me to have a routine too!

It’s great to be able to bring history to life for them, to make it relative, and to show them how we can learn so much from people’s past choices. Don’t worry, in three days we talked about the Civil War, Industrial Revolution, the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy, secret service, constitutional monarchy/democracy, WWI, WWII, Hitler, the Holocaust, and Canada. Stream of consciousness teaching. I need to reel it in.


rena said...

1. get your voice back stat
2. congrats on the teaching job! yay!

Melissa-D said...

Congrats on the long term sub job!!! How fun! Ps. I'm glad you're getting your voice back too. I've seen that tea at the store before, and now I know I will have to buy some! Thanks for the tip!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

I LOVE THROAT COAT, as a singer i rely on it a lot!

Laura said...

awesome on the job and the tea! I'm going to have to check it out!