Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hungry Eyes

For some reason every Thursday night by 8:45 p.m. I am passed out asleep. Or I fall asleep sooner and then wake up around 10 p.m., fiddle around, then go back to sleep. I’m starting to think it’s a little psychological.

I was super hungry today! Usually my oatmeal and coffee keep me totally satisfied by lunch, and lunch keeps me satisfied until after 5ish. Here’s what I usually eat:

½ c dry oats
1/3 c milk
Half a banana
Cinnamon, honey
(sometimes peanut butter or pecans)
Coffee while I get ready, and some more in my fave. travelers mug for 1st and 2nd period)

Apple or Peach
Yogurt (Oikos or Rachel’s)
Kashi Trail Mix Bar
HUGE Nalgene of water that I drink the rest of the day.

It may not seem like a big lunch, but when I tried to bring a sandwich I felt groggy and full, and really there usually is only 20 mins (maybe) to eat lunch, so I need something I can enjoy quickly. I found this lunch kept me satisfied without feeling full.

I decided to change it up today and brought an apple and a turkey wrap with spring salad mix, avocado, bell pepper, and little cheese. I also brought seltzer water since I haven’t had it in a while and to me is more of a treat than drinking a coke! All that burning fizz unobstructed by sugary chemicals. Love that burn!

Well, I was starving by 10 a.m. Maybe the run last night did it to me. I saw that I wouldn’t have lunch until 1 p.m. and knew I wouldn’t make it, so I ate my lunch around 10:40 a.m. during an off period. I still was not satisfied. I’m thinking the yogurt is what really fills me up. By the end of the day I was drained of energy and dreaded driving home in traffic. I think my blood sugar was low. Luckily my grandmother lives very close and I decided to go beg for food. While she did offer to make me some tortillas and eggs (!Love my Nana’s tortillas!), I went with a banana. I felt a little better, but was still v. tired. I got home, at too many chips as my Lean Cuisine cooked in the microwave for 8 mins (8 mins is torturous for a microwavable dinner), and then passed out. Now I’m awake.

And now I’m going to bed. And tomorrow I’m taking yogurt for lunch.

Oooh, maybe it was the turkey? Things to ponder as I snooze off….

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Lindsay said...

i love seltzer water too!

rena said...

i'm a big fan of the sparkly water, i'm a believer. and now you're making me hungry!

Laura said...

Protien friend- you need it! It is what sticks with you for long periods of time. I might suggest taking a serving of nuts, as well as peanut butter. I keep a jar of PB in my cabinet at school along with some granola bars. That way if I get hungry I can spread some PB on the granola and go to town. I've found that it really satisfies a grumbly hungry stomach...which mine constantly is lately! I'm going to say yogurt and fruit with a little granola bar is not enough for lunch! Water is great, but hello your body needs nutrients- especially with all that running you're doing! Don't deprive it, just choose healthy, unprocessed foods! If you want to eat a super light lunch like that, then you should pack an afternoon snack. Right after the kids get out, you can chow on something tasty and god for you! That's my 3 cents worth!