Saturday, November 28, 2009

It's Christmas All Over Again

The day after Thanksgiving is always spent decorating for Christmas. As I rummaged through my boxes I decided I wanted a new theme for my tree. I’ve had silver and blue ornaments and snowflakes for a few years now. I’m always drawn to the clear glass, mirrored, silver ornaments when I look in stores. This morning I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out a few new black and silver ornaments and salvaged the other clear or silver ornaments from last year’s tree. I also had a silver sequined garland laying around my room that I wrapped around the tree (What? You don’t use sequined garland in your every day room décor?)

I also found the cutest silver glitter doves at Wal-Mart the other night for $1 each. I bought four. They may be one of my favorite things this year. I love birds, obvs, but the silver doves! I also have two other bird ornaments on my tree. One is a red cardinal shaped out of wire that my freshman year roommate gave me. I’ve always loved it. It’s the only thing red on the tree and definitely stands out, but it makes it that much better. I also have this black and gold bird that was part of some gift wrapping last year. Again, the only thing gold, but he’s so sassy perched up there. Love him too.

I also have a small collection of S’mores Ornaments. Have you seen these? I don’t know why I think these little things are so cute (and FYI, I'm not really one to collect things so I think it's funny that I have so many of these) They’re usually hanging in the tree but this year they’re being featured around it.

Lastly, my favorite Christmas item is my nativity scene from the Maya Rivera. My aunt brought this back for me and it is one of my favorite things in general—I keep it out all year! It’s like they're in a mini chiminea, and inside the background is blue with stars. Baby Jesus’ eyes are closed, but he’s smiling. He’s faking, Sirena! The star hangs above them on a stand and looks like a piñata. Besides the Willow Tree Nativity that I will someday own (wish list), this is the only other nativity that has stolen my heart.

Hope you're finding ways to enjoy the holidays--they come and go so quickly!


Melissa-D said...

Very cute! I love the nativity! I too want to own the Willow Tree one someday! I wish it wasn't so pricey!

rena said...

lol, love the nativity and the fake sleeping Jesus! ;) (also, my secret word is "balling"? really?)