Friday, November 6, 2009

Love My Mug

I thought I would share another part of my daily routine. I have claimed to be a terrible coffee maker. It never tastes quite right when I make it—either too weak or too strong—even if I follow the directions. I find it much tastier if someone else makes it. I have to confess I’ve been on coffee making roll for a few weeks now since I’ve figured out a pretty decent system.
While ordering a double tall skinny latte from Starbucks would be easy and  tasty, I occasionally get convicted on the amount of money I spend. When I was in school I could easily spend $20+ dollars a week on Starbucks, close to a $100 a month. That is ridiculous! One year for lent I gave up buying coffee from chain stores and only allowed myself to buy it from a local shop, knowing that 1. I wouldn’t buy it too often there since it’s pretty pricey at independent places, and 2. At least my money would be circulating within the community. Instead, I usually bummed the leftover coffee from my roommates and toted it to school.

Well, that really started the habit and it’s stuck. Making/taking your own coffee is not only convenient, but saves you so much money. After losing an amazing travelers mug I knew I needed to immediately replace it to keep my good habit going.

Enter the Starbucks Recycled Tumbler. Have you seen these? I’m not sure if they are still in stores, but last April around Earth Day Starbucks unveiled these tumblers, complete with a free coupon for a drink if you brought in your tumbler to have it served in. Free double tall skinny cinnamon dulce latte extra hot to go? Yes, please!

My favorite thing about this mug is its twist top. It was a little strange at first, but because it closes so tightly I can throw it in my bag or purse in the morning and not be worried about it spilling, not even a drop! Maybe sometimes I sneak in a snack to the movie theater (don’t judge me). My favorite combination? Saturday morning movie with coffee and a biscotti! This mug makes it happen.

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