Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mid-Week Run

This afternoon I needed to run 6 miles, including a cool down. I decided to just run the hood twice in a loop so that I could grab water at my house at the end of loop one. As I was trying to figure out how to get in a good 5 miles of running and a mile of walking I got a little distracted (by the math) and figured that if I added an extra half mile lap at the park I would only have to do a ½ mile cool down. I took note of my time after the first loop. I knew I was going to add on about 5 more minutes for the extra half mile for loop two, but when I looked at my watch I was suddenly going a lot slower. I felt like I was keeping the same pace though. V. confusing. I kept running.

I get home and walk the little bro down the street to church with the daschund. I figured this would be my cool down. When I got home I started figuring out how far I ran and it came to 6.22 miles! What?! Where did that extra mile come from? Add an extra .8 mi from the walk and I got in 7 miles today. Holla for an extra mile! The best part is these middle of the week longer runs will be part of my training from this point on and I was little nervous about them, but I felt great during this run, I held a great pace, and I kept it to about an hour. Therefore, the middle of the week long run is doable!

I also realized that when it gets dark, it gets DARK. I ran the last ½ mile in complete darkness, and I couldn’t even see the ground. I’m debating right now on getting the Brooks LED light, or getting a reflective vest, or a jacket with reflective strips on it. I have not found a jacket that has stellar reviews or has a lot of reflective-ness on it. A tiny reflective logo does not make a jacket reflective. So it’s down to the light or the vest. I need to decide in a few hours if I want to get the free shipping at Sports Authority.

However, the vests are not cute. I know cuteness < safety, but I feel like I would feel safer in a color that was not radioactive yellow. Like pink. Even steel grey. Or lilac. Lilac screams safety/don’t hit me with your vehicle.

Oh, and I decided that I will need to run with the headlamp. Have I told you I have one? Yes, I bought it about 5 years ago on a whim while standing in line at Wal-Mart. You know all that little random stuff they have there next to the magazines?  I bought it to be funny, and I never thought about it again. A few weeks ago when I was looking for some stationary I found it, and it still works! It looks sort of like this:

I’m afraid if I run with it on my head I’ll breakout, so I think I’ll try stretching it over a hat.

Daily Training
Run: 6.22 + .8 cool down = 7 mi!


Rachel said...

Be careful! I'm worried about you running around in the dark. Are there sidewalks?

l.borrego said...

There are sidewalks but they tend ot be obstructed with cars (people double park) or kids when there's still a bit of light out. I made sure to run on the sidewalk once it got dark though; I wasn't confident in how quick my neighbor's reflexes would be! I'll definitely have to figure something out since running in the dark seems a little inevitable this time of year.

Melissa-D said...

Definitely get a light. I have a light that I clip to my fuel belt. It can also clip to a shirt if you aren't wearing a fuel belt. Make sure you are ALWAYS running against traffic. It's better that you see them coming and can jump out of the way if necessary. I usually wear my light on the blinking setting in front of me. I figured if it's blinking, they are more likely to see it. Greg uses his headlamp sometimes, but I don't like the heaviness on my head. Most importantly, find something that works best for you and be careful! PS...GREAT JOB on the mid-week're a rock star!