Monday, November 23, 2009

(Not) Another Manic Monday

Yay for weeklong holidays! Today was pretty low key. Tried to sleep in (8 am, that’s pretty good), got up and ate some yummy oatmeal with my last square of chocolate—I’ll definitely be getting some more chocolate, it’s a great way to get my fix. Afterwards I did a bit of pre-shopping with my mom. This is when I go and scope out things I want so she can see exactly what to buy me. It works best this way. I think the only thing I was really loving was a cute coat from LOFT.

While there though I found a great pair of corduroys. I’m not a huge corduroy fan, but I feel like they are staples worth investing in. Last year I went to a consignment store and scored 2 pairs for about $10 each. This was probably the best idea since I probably wore each pair twice. I’m glad I didn’t overspend. I busted out a pair this weekend though and loved them, and while at LOFT today saw a black pair for only $19 (and remember, an extra 15% off for the teacher discount!). I love them! They’re cut very slim on the leg and I think they look a bit nicer and not so slouchy. I wore them out tonight with a sheer shirt, and let me tell you, the bottom half of me was nice and toasty and the top half was freeeeeeezing! So, they work.

I bought a pair of trouser jeans, but their more trousers than jeans if you know what I’m saying. I like them the best so far, but I’m still on the hunt.

Oh, I also tried this faux-leather jacket from Express. I absolutely love everything about it, minus the belt around the waist. Sad. Still looking for this item too.

I also went to the gym in th first time in 2 weeks.  My arms feel like jello right now and I know tomorrow they're really going to kill.  I have 3 days until the Turkey Day 10K so I need to get it in gear quickly! 


rena said...

i really liked the jacket and the belt! haha. and with the coupon, it came out to $45, not too bad for a jacket only being worn maybe a month out of the year!

l.borrego said...

I'm thinking for that price...I might buy it. Good point. Cost per wear.