Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Staying busy

I am loving Thanksgiving break! There has been lots of socializing in the evenings which is such a change from my regular work weeks. I’m usually exhausted or strapped for time to meet up for HH or dinner during the week. Between trying to muster up the energy to go the gym or run, or get things prepared for the next day, I’m usually only up for meeting folks on Fridays or Saturdays.

Monday I met up with some folks at Pub Fiction to watch the Texans vs. Titans on MFN. I have never watched Monday Night Football before, and I was very impressed with all the fancy camera work. Sadly, the Houston Texans lost, but it was still a fun night!

Yesterday a few of us tried to go play trivia, however I did not know that there is a whole Trivia Night culture/norms. We didn’t reserve a table, and as a result we weren’t allowed to play. Lame. We finally settled at the Velvet Melvin. ONE DAY I will play trivia! I’m determined!

Oh, I also made Dorie Greenspan’s All-in-One Holiday Bundt Cake. It was fairly easy to make, but it did come out very moist. I think it would taste better toasted in the toaster oven.

Today I went and picked up my packet for tomorrow’s Turkey Day 10K. It’s pretty cool in the mornings right now, upper 50s/lower 60s, and very sunny! I’m debating going and buying a cap. I need to work on my running mix for my iPod Shuffle, and I’m thinking there will be about 50% holiday music on it! Tis the season!

What are your thoughts on Christmas cards? I was looking at buying some today but didn’t find any I just loved. I would love to find Christmas postcards…I’m going to be doing some research.


Laura said...

I think has postcards. I could be making that up, but I have a feeling. :) I hope your run goes super well! I will simply be walking after the THanksgiving I went the doctor yesterday and...yay- I was dialated to a 1, and Creighton apparently is anywhere from 6.5-7.0 pounds now...oh wow!

l.borrego said...

Shutterfly does, and I really would like to go and and snap a cool picture to send to people. I still have time I guess.

I cana't beleive Creighton is so big already!!! He's growing some big muscles. Any guesses on what his birth weight will be? I'm thinking 7.8 lbs. Do you think he's coming sooner than his due date???