Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Still serving mystery meat, but at least it's wheat pasta

"The first man to land on the moon was Neil Armstrong.  The second one was Buzzed."

Oh lawd.  By far my favorite quote of the week.  Thank you little student for paying attention in class.

Today I forgot my lunch.  I was going to just not eat, but I had $2 and figured I could buy a school lunch and experience what the kids are eating.  I asked the students how much lunch was and they told me $1.75.  Golden.  Get my lunch and go to pay and am told it's $2.75.  "Oh! I only have $2, but I'll bring you the rest tomorrow (Smile)!"

Lunch lady wasn't having it.  Definitely called over her manager and said, "She don't have enough money." Awesome.  Oh, there is definitely a line building up behind me.  They take down some info from me, write an IOU, and make me swear on my life I'll bring $.75 tomorrow.

The cafeteria is no joke.

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Melissa-D said...

Ha! That's hilarious, and so true of school cafeterias! They always charge more for adults because they give them more food. Try asking for the student version (because it's cheaper and you don't want more food), and they look at you like your crazy. However, one of our teachers asked for more cheese on her nachos (and even offered to pay more), and the cafeteria lady refused. Apparently, they are worried about the weight of adults too. Weird.