Thursday, November 26, 2009


Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving! The morning started with a 5:30 a.m. alarm to get me up and going for my 10K. This was the first year a running club in this area hosted a Thanksgiving Day run, since the HUGE Turkey Trot in Houston usually dominates. I was happy to see so many people at this event, and even happier it only took 15 mins to get there. No driving across all of Houston and fighting traffic in the Galleria area. It was very chilly this morning, 43 degrees, and I was nervous that my tank, t-shirt, and light jacket wouldn’t be enough. Luckily the sun came out and once I got going I was feeling fine. Now some people were wearing shorts…let’s not get crazy. I wore cropped tights and was wishing I had ankle length ones.

Overall it was a good race. I was proud that I had zero walk breaks and ran through 2 water stations for a quick swish of the mouth. I had a new PR of 1:03:22 (waiting for my officially time, but that’s what I clocked on my watch) with a pace of 10:11/mi. I’m trying to break that 10 min/mi ! Considering I did little training (I ran yesterday for the first time in about 2 weeks) I was pretty proud of myself. I am also still sore from Monday 's Muscle Blast class. I really need to work on speedwork, and I think I’ll ask a buddy of mine soon to take me to the track once a week and show me some moves. I have about 6 weeks until the Houston half, and while I’m not at all nervous about completing 13 miles, my goal is to run a strong race. I felt great today until the last mile, and even the last half mile was draining me. I didn’t start my sprint to the end until I was fairly close. I’m definitely proud of my run today, but it also showed me a few things to work on!

I came home and immediately showered and started working on my portion of the Thanksgiving meal, Ina Garten’s Orzo with Roasted Vegetables. This has been a favorite of mine for a few years, and while I roast vegetables regularly, I only make this full out meal during Thanksgiving. It’s really simple and so good, and tastes great in the winter since there’s roasted veggies or the summer since there’s lemon in it. Try it! (sidenote: I add squash and sweet potatoes instead of eggplant)

We did pretty good this year! We didn’t make too much (Turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, broccoli cheese casserole, roasted veggies, jellified cranberry sauce, rolls, gravy) and kept the desserts simple (1 pumpkin pie and a few chocolate chip cookies). My grandmother only made one pan of dressing and she usually makes two huge pans, so we are rationing! There aren't too many leftovers, which is good. I think we’ll be done with them by tomorrow evening.

While getting up early to run was tough, and I was exhausted after lunch, I think a race is a great way to start the day. Not only are you out and active on a day you know you’re going to indulge, that time out there gave me an opportunity to think of the things I am thankful for:

1. For health and for a body that is willing to take on new challenges
2. For family that is a constant support, whether that means waking up at 6 and giving up 3 hours of their morning to go cheer me on, or who verbally expresses their love and encouragement
3. For friends, old and new, from my hometown and from college and from even more recent
4. For tradition, my family is small but I’m glad they’ve instilled a few traditions that we look forward to year after year
5. For snuggly daschunds
6. For little brothers, well, just one (and that’s enough!)
7. For a job that is never mundane, and that is constantly teaching me new things
8. For personal faith, and how it reminds me to embrace rather than exclude
9. For yummy oatmeal with my favorite peanut butter and gourmet chocolate (I like to buy a new brand/flavor after I use up a bar!)
10. For holiday music, and how I can officially play it/hear it everywhere I go!

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!!!!!!


rena said...

you and chris can be friends - he woke up at 530am and went to the gym...while i slept. i'm thankful for sleep.

Rachel said...

It sounds like you had a great race! So much to be thankful for!