Monday, November 23, 2009

"These streets will make you feel brand new" ~Jay-Z ftg Alicia Keys

Another weekend spent with the college roommates is in the books!  This weekend we had 100% attendance by all Singletons (our cutie college nickname).  After a long day at my teacher training program, Shea and I made the cold and rainy drive up to Austin, and only spent about 45 minutes of it trying to figure out how to properly defrost/fog the windows.  Does anyone else have trouble doing this?  Ridiculous.

We all met at Sirena's parents' house before heading to dinner at La Feria.  Delish!  This little place had some great food and never ending Mexican Martinis.  I munched on one mushroom enchilada and one poblano pepper enchilada.  The waiter was very gracious with us and let us all create our own combos.  Don't give us an inch--he let one person do it and then every single one of us wanted our own personalized plates!

After dinner we went back to Sirena's where her mom had chocolate cake waiting for us!  Ok, stop.  You have to understand how good this cake is.  I think she brought some cake to our apartment for Sirena and we devoured it, and ever since have LOVED and CRAVED it, or at least I have!  It's really just a box cake, but she jazzes it up with cinnamon and another secret ingredient (which I know, but won't reveal).  Mmmm....I love cake.  Ok, so we ate some cake and then got ready for the second phase of the evening: dance party.

I have been wanting--no, needing--to go dancing for a while.  Yes I was super tired after waking up at 6 am and driving, but it didn't matter.  Gotta dance.  We went to The Madison and had a great time!

Empire State of Mind is my new anthem


Striking a pose for the paparazzo

My, "omg--I love this song" face

So much fun!  The DJ did a great job of playing some old school songs.  Hello, way to dust off Gloria Estefan's Conga and Journey's Don't Stop Believing. 

This morning we all met up again for brunch at Moonshine.  Oh my.  If you are ever in the Austin area you need to experience Moonshine--we've been a few times for dinner, but go and do brunch.  Here is a what you could find on my plate(s) this morning:

GREEN EGG SCRAMBLE with Basil Pesto, Cherry Tomatoes
& Parmesan Cheese
KING RANCH CASSEROLE Texas Favorite with Smoked
Chicken & Corn Tortillas
with Rosemary & Olive Oil
with Honey Mustard
with Cheddar & Rice
BUTTERMILK BISCUITS with Chipotle Cream Gravy
with Black Strap Molasses
SEASONAL FRESH FRUIT with Poppy Seed Yogurt
The Best Coffee Cake Ever Brewed
with Raisins & Bourbon Sauce

No really, I ate all of that.   And a tiny slice of carrot cake bread.  And maybe I got a few things twice.  And I had grapefruit juice.  I only copied what I consumed from the menu, there was so much more I didn't try.   OK, so you get it, go eat brunch at Moonshine!

And I'm so happy to have this picture of the five of us together (4/5 of us wearing purple, that was weird!).  I am so excited to meet baby Creighton in a few weeks.  He was moving all around for us, so I know he's excited to meet us too!

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