Friday, November 13, 2009

Yes, I bought pleated front pants today

I needed an additional day to get my voice back.  I'm feeling much better, but knew I wouldn't make it a whole day.  Around noon I got a little stir crazy, and decided a shopping trip for only necessities was in order.  (Please excuse my poor photo documentation, but I couldn't find these online)

Black pleated front skinny pants (Old Navy)

Steel Blue Sparkle Knit Shirt (Old Navy)

My outfit/A Blackberry that at least takes mediocre pictures since I have destroyed my camera

Another lovely Vera Wang dress

Truly one of the best/my faves, which is why I had to post them.  And yes, those are my abs, and my fake plastic belly button, and my taupy grey skin.  Don't be jealous ; )

Of course, I also needed to refuel afterwards, and Tacos al Pastor with grilled pineapple sounded perfect!

And so, by 7:30 p.m. I am dunzo for the night.  I'm watching Cider House Rules and drinking tea.  I have training all day tomorrow starting very early, and I am giving myself an extra 20 mins to stop and get a peppermint latte!  After training, two of my besties are coming down from Austin for what we are calling an 8th grade slumber party!  We debated going on for about .5 seconds, and all agreed staying in and catching up is what we all need/want.  Love them.


rena said...

excellent purchases! and can't wait to see you!

heather said...

OMG! I stare at that Vera dress every day and wish I could buy it! It's my favorite thing of hers right now....jealous!

l.borrego said...

H, you know I was extra excited because I bought it online in petite and was sneaky and found free shipping and 30% off! I'm also loving the Lauren Conrad blazer Tdo you still not have LC in the store?) And the Elle skinny jeans. Have you seen them? They come up pretty high high in the back and have like a key/zipper pocket on the front left side? Love them in grey.

Laura said...

I know you guys had a blast! I wish I could have been there! I'm super excited about seeing you all next weekend!!! <3