Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2000-2009 in a glance.

So I saw this idea over on Vikki Smalls blog and loved it. However, I have a horrible/selective memory and the task of remembering the past 10 years proved a bit hard. What I can say is that 10 years flies by, and it’s been spent solidifying friendships started long before 2000 and meeting people along the way that have truly changed my life. I can’t imagine not knowing the people I’ve met in college, grad school, and through the many summers I worked at a youth camp. Love them all.

What I'll remember...

2000: Graduating HS. Going to Hawaii by myself. Starting Baylor. Making friends there who would be my besties 10 years later. Bridesmaid #1
2001: Worked as a resident advisor
2002: First summer as a camp counselor in Daytona, FL
2003: Spring Break in NYC, summer in North Carolina., Pledge Trainer for our sorority with my other friend Laura
2004: Graduating BU. Singletons 211 apt. NYC for Easter.
2005: Started running in the cold, early mornings of January. Moved to Dallas.
2006: Moved back to HOU. Bridesmaid #2/3. Christmas lights in NYC. NOLA clean up. Spring of the horrible racer back tan lines. Horrible job with crazy lady and the realization that that may be her life but it didn’t have to be mine.
2007: Started my MTS at Truett. Bridesmaid #4. Boston. San Francisco.
2008: Discovered spin class and boot camp. Voted in my first election. Married my friends. Bridesmaid #5. Miami. Participated in my first protest
2009: Grew out/donated my hair. Began running again. Signed up for lots of races. Got the first stamps in my passport. My first year to maintain my weight, yet that wasn’t as encouraging than losing. Finally finding my way...

I know in theory and in numbers 10 years is a very long time, but it really isn't at all.  And since I now know how quickly it can pass, and how things can/cannot change, I hope to take advantage of these next 10 years.  Enjoying every moment of every day, or actively initiating any necessary change.

Here's to the next 10 years!


Vic said...

I'm glad you liked it & did this too! It is really crazy to reflect on 10 years of one's life, esp since we are just in our 20s now so 10 years is a redonk amount of time! You've grown so much in the last decade :) hope 2010 brings you nothing but happiness.

rena said...

10 years is a heck of a long time and it's amazing to see how you've (we've?) grown! Is it too late for me to do this? ;)