Sunday, December 6, 2009


Yes I had to google "Diciembre" for the correct spelling.

How much do I love breakfast?  So much.  And I love it even more right now because of this combo:


It's pretty much amazing and I would eat it for lunch and dinner too.  I like to add a tiny bit of chocolate to my oatmeal, and the bits of toffee in this one is so good!

I've also recently made the switch fron honey to agave nectar, mostly based on price.  I've read the stories about how the honey bees are on the decline right now, but let me tell you, have you seen the price of honey lately?!  In roughly two weeks a small bottle went up over a dollar...and it wasn't cheap before.  I remember when honey costs pennies (how old do I sound right now).

In any case, I like to add a little sweetner to my oatmeal in the morning, and had been using honey since it's natural.  I've made the switch to agave nectar, but I'm reading both good and bad reviews of why you should/shouldn't use it.  Any insight out there from you folks?


Jackie said...

It is SO hard to find reduced fat crunchy peanut butter, where do you find yours??

l.borrego said...

I love this brand (though sometimes the label is different). I can usually find it at HEB or Wal-Mart. I love the taste of it more than any other kinds of PB, though really I think it only saves you like 5 grams of fat? It's really not that much once you compare. It's my fave though!