Sunday, December 27, 2009

Gifts for Runners

One thing I love about running: running accessories.  I ventured out on the day after Christmas to exchange a few things and think I fared pretty well.  I left with a new fleece lined white running jacket, a pink and grey fleece Nike headband, and a much coveted Nike Sami Large Club Bag (gym bag).

I've wanted a white jacket 4-eva, and the headband is a must to keep my ears warm

So ready to run many, many miles tomorrow...

Love my new bag!  It actually has a small rubber band that can secure my yoga mat to the top of it.

I was able to get in and out of the store without waiting in lines.  In fact, people were waiting on me since the headband had no tag and the gym bag registered at the wrong price.  Yes, the day after Christmas is all about ensuring you get the correct, lowest price and being willing to wait until it happens.  Patience is a virtue, and a shopping a mantra.

The only thing I'm *needing* is a pair of running gloves.  I saw some Nike gloves that fit really well and cost about $20 at Sports Authority.  I also found a pair of fleece gloves for $2 at Old Navy.  Old Navy is a hot mess right now but I think I'll go back during the week to search for some gloves.  I think a cheapy little pair will suffice.

Tomorrow begins my last week of vacation.  I need to make sure the week is both productive and intentionally restfull so that I'm "ready" to go back to work.


rena said...

haha you're so cute!

Vic said...

I love running accessories too - practically the greatest aspect of running!

I found some 'glove liners' on Amazon for cheap that you can wear under your regular gloves w/o getting them sweaty. Though mine are black and thin cotton and are generally enough for me to wear in Texas, anyway. They were about $8. I recommend them for sure.

Happy hour was fun last week! :)