Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Movie Review: The Blind Side

Last night I went to the movies with some of my girfriends to watch The Blind Side.  I had intentionally avoided this film when I saw the previews because as much as I love Sandra Bullock--because she lives and loves here in Texas--I hate watching movies with people speaking in a southern drawl.  I mean, I'm sure people up north think it sounds legit, but it sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.  I feel like people who live in England or Australia feel the same way when they hear an unauthentic accent. 

However, everyone kept talking about how good this movie was.  Ok...that's not going to get me in the theater, but it got me interested.  Then I heard it was a true story.  Ok, now I'm very interested.  I love True Hollywood Story(s).  So I did a bit of research ala Wikipedia and decided, yes, I will go watch this movie.

First, let's talk about how on a Monday night the theater was packed!  We had to sit on the last row of the floor seats, like not on the stadium seating, and there were people in the seats in front of us.  I think it's because tonight on 20/20 they are going to do a story on the Michael Oher and his adopted family.

Let's also talk about how they do not mention in the movie what I feel like is the most important thing.  Michael Oher could have gone pro while he was in college.  Like, leave college and head towards the money.  He entered the NFL draft in 2008, but withdrew so he could finished college.  He graduated with a degree in criminal justice this past May and was picked up in the first round of the 2009 draft!  So this is his very first year playing pro ball!

You don't know how many of my students say they want to be professional athletes.  It's a dream of all kids.  But so many of them don't think they need to go to college.  I love Michael Oher's story for so many reasons.  He was not the best student.  He needed a lot of support that just wasn't available to him growing up.  However, he found that support and with a lot of determination was able to graduate high school and graduate from college!  To me, that is the best part of his story.

Becoming a professional football player and making millions and millions of dollars is just the golden cherry on top.


Meredith said...

I think Husband and I are going to see that movie tomorrow night. I thought the same thing about her accent. I'm from NC so I can spoke a fake accent a mile away! I love the idea that average people can make huge differences in a person's life.

TX Runner Mom said...

I still haven't been able to catch anything on TV about Oher. In fact, I didn't realize the movie really and truly was based on a true story when I went to see it until the very end. I love, love, love this movie and I love the whole story behind it. So inspiring!