Saturday, December 26, 2009

Post-Christmas Dilemma

I have to eat this....

So I can eat all of this...!

Kidding.  Sort of.  I did manage to build up my chocolate arsenal over the holidays, and I'm sure I'll make my way through it over this next year, but I also need to fit into my NYE dress!  Maybe I'm one of those people that will try on all the clothes in their closet just because.  You can only imagine when I'm saving an outfit for a special occasion (wedding, holiday, event, birthday) how many times I try it on--every day!  I have this fear of something not fitting, so I'm constantly keeping myself in check.

New Year's Eve may be my most favorite holiday, and as of today all plans are in place to ring in 2010!  How do you say that? Twenty-ten? Two thousand-ten?  The  1900s were much more catchier--party like it's 1999 and all.  I miss that century.

Holiday Salad:
Sping Mix greens
Chopped pecans
Crumbled feta
Orange segments
Fat free raspberry vinaigrette


♥ jmo said...

Fortunately that salad looks delicious.

rena said...

i plan on saying "twenty-ten", i think two thousand ten (or and ten) has too many syllables, so....