Saturday, December 5, 2009

Sic'em Snow Flurries!

This week went by super fast, and I’m OK with that :) It was College Week at my school and we wore college t-shirts everyday. The students were allowed to as well, and they loved it if you were both wearing matching school shirts that day (There were lots of University of Houston/Univeristy of Texas worn). Even though I bleed Green and Gold, I bought a UH and UT shirt to wear to show support to other Texas colleges.

We were also allowed to decorate our doors with the college we went to. Here’s mine:

I won the kids over by posted pictures and facts about the real live bears that live on campus. Look at them!

And then on Friday it snowed! Such a big deal anywhere in Texas, but especially in Houston since unlike Dallas we rarely see flurries. Everyone in the city was crazy. It's the earliest and heaviest snow on record for the Houston area.  People from up north who now live down here can't understand how the entire city shuts down for things like snow flurries and ice. However, you folks deal with this weather all the time, so you have to learn to drive in it and function. Here in Texas it’s such a rarity and there are so many people that don’t know how to drive in it that it’s best just to take a citywide timeout. All that to say, lots of people were getting off of work early and heading home.

I’m waiting for the ice to melt on the roads before I do a bit of shopping. I had a dress put on hold for me yesterday, but the ice made it impossible for me to get to it. Hopefully it’s still there waiting for me!

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rena said...

it's more like people in texas can't drive in regular weather conditions, add ice slash snow and it's all over