Thursday, December 31, 2009

You Say You Want a Re(s)olution

My last post of 2009!  Of course I had to make a few resolutions.  There are vices I'm working on that are not listed, and personal goals/numbers that will be kept in my head for now.  I like my resolutions to be equally fun and motivating without being burdensome.  I won't beat myslef up if they aren't all kept, but I think these are a few ways that I can make 2010 memorable!

1. Run an out of town race
2. Run an out of state race
3. Get Michelle Obama arms
4. Run the Toughest 10K again!
5. Invest in a Vera Bradley Large Duffle
6. Try new ethnic cuisine
7. Visit new wineries/breweries
8. Visit museums in Houston
9. Go to concerts/shows
10. Invest in a paper calendar and write everything down that happens this year (so that next year when I reflect on the year I’ll know exactly what went down!)

I need to run a quick 5 mi before I finish packing for tonight.  I can't wait to share pictures with you tomorrow of my NYE festivities.  Wishing you a fun & safe evening!  I leave you with my favorite commercial right now, and encourage you to go ahead and put Yellow Cab in your cell phone before you head out!

1 comment:

Meredith said...

I would die for Michelle's arms! They are wonderful! I love my Vera Bradley duffle.

Happy New Year!