Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Finds

Friday night I met up with some friends at BJs to enjoy some Mediterranean Pizza and some Pook's Pilsner.  Saturday I woke up and decided to do a bit of shopping. 

The most important buy/discovery are my new Levi's Denim Leggings.  I have been searching for skinny jeans that don't bunch up around the knees when I wear my tall boots.  I've hit the juniors section and, yes, I know, that was a huge mistake since I left with a pair of jeans that 1. were not that tight, but 2. did have rhinestones on every gromet.  I know I love all things shiny, but not on my tush.

These jeans are perfect, and come in rinse and black.  I picked mine up at Dillard's, but I also saw them at Macy's.

I picked up a black faux-leather Marc New York jacket at Marshall's.  I've been wanting one for a while, and was sad that I didn't buy one at Express when they had them in stock.  However, I love this one even more!  It's perfectly fitted and sleek.  I've worn two days in a row now, however, I discovered last night that faux leather means faux warmth. I still love it. 

I also picked up some new powder.  I have been shiny for a year, no lie.  I used to wear MAC foundation powder, but then started using liquid foundation.  I tried to pick up cheapy powders from the drug store, but they never matched and as a result I was just wasting money.  So, I went back and picked up a pressed powder from MAC (NC45).  My make up looks completely different now and I am ashamed I went so long without powder!!

The last surprise is that I finally found a St. Arnold that I like!  Their Winter Stout tastes like coffee and cinnamon.  So good!  I think a trip to the brewery is planned for after the Austin Marathon.

Ugh, Sunday night might be my least favorite time of the week.  I dread starting a new week.  I hope to get lots of rest tonight, and the plan is to wake up early enough to grab some coffee at McDonald's ($1.08 and it's 10 million times better than Starbucks!)

The Sonoma Diet

I bought the Sonoma Diet book a few years ago because it had some great looking recipes, but never touched it. Last week when I was trying to decide what to buy at the grocery store/meal plan I saw it sitting on my shelf and picked it up again.

Essentially the diet is in 3 waves, the first cutting out many—but not all—carbs. You can eat either milk and cereal for breakfast, or eggs and toast. I went with the latter. Carbs sneak into your meals through beans, but are mostly gone. They are slowly added back after 10 days. I looked online and a lot of people said it was similar to South Beach?  I don't know anything about South Beach so that means nothing to me.

I’m not really following the diet, but I'm using the recipes. I did lose 4 lbs though (and I gained them back this weekend, lol).

Last week I ate salads with beans and chicken every day for lunch, and not only was it delish but it helped me get in lots of protein! For dinner I had chicken and tons of roasted veggies.

Tonight I made a roasted veggie warm salad, subbing squash and green beans for eggplant (couldn’t find it). I roasted some purple onions sepatetly in red wine vinegar and spices, and then tossed everything together with capers, roasted red peppers, lemon, herbs, and poured it over fresh spinach. The warm ingredients wilted the spinach and the small sprinkle of feta just really topped it off!

I was supposed to make tandori chicken, but it needed to marinate 24 hours. Instead I just combined the spices (garlic powder, cayenne, cinnamon, paprika, salt, pepper), sprinkled it on some chicken breast and grilled it. Pretty tasty!

Again, I’m ont really following the diet so I don’t know what wave 2 looks like. I’m just going to continue to pick out recipes. They yield 4-8 servings so I only have to cook once and I’m set for the week!

Yes, when I cook I do eat the leftovers all week long. Hello, singleton!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ask L

“How long did you have to train in order to get from not running at all, to being able to run a marathon or even a 10k?”

I started running in January of ’05. A friend would meet me at the park and we would run the half mile loop. That first day, I don’t think I could even run 1/8 mi without stopping. It was cold, and painful, and my lungs felt like they were going to explode.  Let's not even get into the pain of the girls bouncing around. At the time I doubted that I would ever be a “runner.”

We met at the park every morning around 6 a.m. On the second day I was able to get around the ½ mi loop without stopping, by the end of the week I was able to run a mile without stopping.

I was not in shape, and had never run in my life, but the consistency of being out there every day (muscle memory) paired with someone holding me accountable to get up every morning completely changed my life. We soon set a 3 mile goal every time we went to the park, and ran/walked it until we reached our daily goal.

I think once you get 2 solid miles of running under your belt, training for longer distances becomes much easier. Most training programs add mileage on slowly.

I ran 2-3 miles at time for about 2 years, then took a year off when I discovered the gym and became addicted to spin, yoga, and body pump classes. To be honest, those were more fun than running at the time since it had become a chore...and a bore. 

I didn’t start running races until last year, and that has been the next greatest change in my running. I feel like part of a community when I’m out there at events, as well as when I’m training/shopping/researching/blogging. At the same time, I often run alone, even when I’m with a running buddy. I enjoy just knowing that my pal is out there, but I’m not one to run side by side with anyone and chat it up. Maybe I’ll get there, but for now I use that time to process life, block everything out and jam out to music, or focus on working on new running goals.

I told my friend that the best thing to do is to just sign up for a race! Once the money’s been paid and it’s on the calendar you’re committed to getting out there and running every other day or so. And after you finish that first race you’ll be hooked! You’ll love the event, the feeling of finishing, and you’ll get the bug to keep setting new PRs!

How long have you been running and what keeps you motivated/inspired to keep going?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Getting ready for the ATX Half

I have 20 days until my next half marathon! I like to use the Smart Coach over at Runner’s World to figure out my training schedules, but this plan only has me running 3 times a week. I’m not sure why I’m complaining.

Every week looks the same with a 2 mi, 5 mi, then 6 mi run. There are no longer runs. I know that when I train for my next half I will really need to focus on long runs in the range from 10-12 mi because that is where I really started to slow down and cramp up. However, I’m going to just stick with this plan and just go out and have fun when I run Austin!

I’m also glad that they’ve added more spin classes at the gym. I was reading my Fitness Magazine yesterday and one cross training tip for runners is to do spin classes. I totally believe it. I used to be a spin class junkie when I lived in Waco. I would go 4 times a week. The resistance really does help build up your quads and hamstrings, and when I ran Houston those are the muscles that started to fail me towards the end.

So my workout plan for the next 20 days looks like this:

2 mi run
Jillian Michaels ‘No More Trouble Zones’

Spin Class

5 mi tempo run

Spin Class


Jillian Michaels ‘No More Trouble Zones’

6 mi run

And I’ve been very bad about not eating meat like I said I was going to. I need me that iron and protein! I also haven’t been to the grocery store in 2 weeks and keep living off of oatmeal or weird leftovers. I’m going to sit here and work on a meal plan and grocery list for the week.

Are there any staples you always pick up from the grocery store for the week?

Shopping treasures

Yesterday I headed out to The Limited to use my $25 virtual dollars before they expired. I’ve only recently discovered The Limited, but I really do like a lot of what they carry. I especially like the dresses and going out tops they have because I feel they’re age appropriate (hello, I’m no spring chicken, and I’m not trying to get on Girls Gone Wild)

I picked up a cute fuchsia chunky sweater, a funky striped tee, and some new silver earrings (I’ve been on such a gold kick lately I’ve completely ignored all things silver)

I also popped into LOFT and snagged a fabulous pair of black slim jeans that were on clearance with an extra 40% off! I also got a comfy grey sweater that works with black pants for work or jeans on the weekend.

And I stopped by Kohl's (secret store) and tried on some Lauren Conrad Boyfriend Jeans and a baggy black tee with some embellishments on the sleeves...I may be going back for those.  I think it would be a cute casual going out outfit!

More blogging to come this afternoon!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Filling up my calendar

I have a race for April now!  I'll be running the Statesman Capitol 10K in Austin.  My aunt asked if I was interested in doing a race with her and gave me two possible options.  I decided the Cap 10K would be great since it's in Austin (and I always love an excuse to get there) and a 10K will be a welcomed change from back to back half marathons!

I also registered for the race thru the HEB Run Like a Girl program.  For $1 more (reg registration is $28) I am getting an extra cute tee with this logo:

Our new Run like a Girl program is a fun, new part of the Cap 10k. We want to bring women of all ages together to have a fun (50% FUN) and get healthier (50% RUN or WALK)! What better way to do it than with your mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin or BFF! Join H-E-B and the Cap 10K for this exciting new program and bring all your G-I-R-L-F-R-I-E-N-D-S! Come one, come all!

The program gives you the option of signing up for a training program (additional cost) or doing a Race Combo that includes this tee, entry into their tent after the race, and entry into the Statesman 10K.  Again, I'm paying the extra $1 for that shirt.  Look at that high heel!  I love it!

I've decided not to do the Zooma race because I wasn't interested in doing a half marathon or 20K relay with strangers.  I'm still keeping an eye out for a fun race for March, especially if I travel somewhere during spring break!

Race highlights

Or things I’ll never forget...
• People already using the port-o-potties at miles 1, 2, 3…really? We just started.
• That my Underoos started sliding down within the first few steps of running. On the first overpass (about ½ mi into the race) I had to full on readjust everything as I was running, completely surrounded by people. Luckily after that, everything stayed in place
• The girl who bolted behind a parked car in a drive way to pee around mi 2
• The old Hispanic man that shouted, “Lookin’ good Laura!” but said my name in Spanish, which sounds like Loud-ah. I loved it.
• The old Richie Rich couple that moved their patio table to the sidewalk and had a huge, beautiful bouquet on it. I think they were having a breakfast date, and the runners were the entertainment
• The couple that ran the entire race each holding the end of a red nylon rope. I’m not sure what that was about—couples therapy or what—but they were rather annoying to try to pass. Just saying.
• Passing anyone that had signs for their own Laura. When they saw me, they were so excited they could share their signs/encouragement with me, too!
• Hearing four different musicians along the way singing 1994-esque grunge. Apparently it’s making a comeback in Houston?
• The random DJ table set up downtown (where there were hardly any spectators since it was only 1 mi to the finish line) and his posse with signs that said, “Pump Your Fist!” They were also having their own fist pumping dance-off. For a second I thought I was on the Jersey Shore.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First Half Marathon = Dunzo!

4:20 a.m. came very early, but I was excited and jumped up and got ready. I needed to leave the house by 5:15 a.m. and wanted plenty of time to wake up, eat, and take care of bizz…

Which, speaking of, do not eat that pasta I mentioned last night. My stomach was rumbling all night, and even this morning (and there was nothing I could do about it if you know what I mean. I know, TMI). I was so scared I was going to get sick, or worse, have to use the port-o-potty. Luckily once I started running I had zero stomach issues.

We arrived downtown and found parking off of Leeland and La Branch. It was probably 10 blocks away, but it was free!

I was impresed with how efficient the volunteers were. We were able to check our bag with no problem (and pick it up, get our finishers shirts, and medals with no wait). I decided to wear my light blue pullover and a tank underneath, and wore regular cropped tights instead of the Under Armor. I wore a big fleece on top and then just stuffed it in my bag.

I lined up in my corral and was suddenly claustrophobic. We were body to body against each other. We stood like that for about 20 mins until we started moving to the start line. It took 5 mins from the time our gun went off until I actually activated my d-chip.

The Race
I was beaming for the first 6 mi. I am not lying. I was waving at everyone, lip synching to my music, bopping my head. I thanked everyone with a huge smile that cheered for me. I congratulated people for having witty signs or being dressed in a fun costume. Around mi 5 I ate my Berry Goo. That’s a mouthful! I definitely noticed such a difference in terms of my energy. My last 10K race I ran so hard but lost it the last half mi. Energy was not a probably today. I also made sure to take a few sips of Gatorade at the stations, but I was scared my body was going to freak out since I never drink it or use Goo. I chased it with a few sips of water.

Around mi 8 is when I started hurting. My calves were in knots. I stopped a few times to stretch, but was just so excited to be close to the 10 mi mark (I knew once I got there I would be excited to finish). I was also in my favorite area of Houston and passed one of my favorite Greek restaurants, Niko Niko’s, so I just tried to ride the high to mile 10. Once I got there I heard someone calling my first and last name and saw my friend Frank. So fun to see someone you know! He was watching the race. I also saw my friend Stephanie and miles 4, 6, and 10.

When I got to mi 11 I was in rough shape. My legs were dying. My calves were still in knots, and seemed to get worse with each step. However, walking was even worse! Besides that, my hamstrings started getting tight. I didn’t even get to see mi 12, but 12-13 were hellish. I was doing more walking than I wanted, and I knew I needed to just run. I had about half mi left and saw the finish line. There was a point that I thought I was going to have to walk the finish line, but I started running and gained a bit of speed and crossed it! I was so happy TO BE DONE!

I finished in 2:43:15. My original goal was 2:30, but I really had stopped my training, so I set a new goal of finishing under 2:45:00. Those last 3 miles ate up a lot of time. My pace before that was what I usually run, but I added a lot of time by stretching and walking so much. I’m just happy to have crossed in one piece!

Post Race
As soon as I walked inside I was in pain. It took about 2 hours of walking, sitting, stretching until I felt somewhat comfortable again. I was also greeted by my friend Kevin and his girlfriend. Kevin had been keeping track of both me and my friend running the full on his phone, and was waiting for me when I walked in. Let me tell you how great that was! He ran the 5K since the other races were full and came in tenth overall with a time of 18:27! He is such a speed racer! Kevin is running his first full in Austin and I’m so glad we’ll be there to support him like he supported us today!

I passed on the hot food they were giving out. Think: walking into HEB and just grabbing and eating whatever you want. That’s what they had. Everything! Once my legs started feeling better my stomach started feeling weird again. I think it was the sugar from the Gatorade. My body was over it. I ate about three Girls Scout cookies (the little 100 cal pack), and half of a mini ice cream. Don’t worry, I had quesadillas with guacamole when I got home!

My legs feel OK right now as I lay here, but when I get up they hurt around my knees (which is weird since my knees didn’t hurt today). I also noticed that my toenails on one foot feel weird…I’m preparing myself for a black toenail.

Overall I'm really pleased, and look forward to doing this race again next year.  I'm also looking forward to my next half marathon (in less than a month!) and the new challenges it will present: Hills!!!
Now to take a nap, and yes, I’m still wearing my finisher shirt!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Full preparation mode

We made it to the expo and got our bib numbers and t-shirts.  It wasn't too crowded, so we were able to maneuver through the aisles quickly and snag our freebies.  I was sad that the LARABAR stand was closed (or cleaned out!), but I did get a sample of some cherry juice and a packet of dried cherries.  Score!  I passed on all the samples of Cliff Bars and shots of protein drinks.   My other favorite thing to grab was a magnet for the Austin Marathon.  I'm so excited about that race!

I also picked up a SPI Belt at the expo.  I wanted a crazy color, but went with black w/ a hot pink zipper.  I've been running around my house with it on and it really isn't moving.  So happy I won't have to worry about my phone or keys now!

I grabbed 3 packs of Goo.  I'm only taking one, but I've never used Goo before.  I know.  Why am I trying it tomorrow--I hope it doesn't kill me.  I bought Vanilla, Tri-Berry and Chocolate.  Have you tried any of these?  Any favorites?  I'm leaning towards the berry for tomorrow.

We went to Olive Garden tonight for dinner and I had the Shrimp Primavera with wheat pasta. It had a spicy marinara sauce and shrimp, and big pieces of bellpepper, onion, and mushrooms.  It was so good and not at all heavy or gross.

We stopped by Target on the way home to get our breakfast essentials.  I've been on an oatmeal kick, but an english muffin with peanut butter is my race day food of choice.  All that's left to do is lay out my outfit, bib, SPI Belt, paint my fingernails, and upload music onto my iPod.  Then sleep!  I'm terrible about falling asleep at a decent hour before races--I guess I'm so excited--but I'm planning on leaving my house around 5:20 a.m., and I need a good hour before that to process my life (aka wake up) and eat breakfast.  Yeah, I need to be in bed in about an hour!

Good luck to everyone running tomorrow!!!

17 hrs, 35 mins

Until my first half marathon! I will not lie, I am nervous.

Am I nervous about the fact that I completely let my training dwindle? No.

Am I nervous that I won't be able to finish? Nope, that's not even an option. I'm flying across that finish line!

Am I nervous about how cold it is and how to carry my cell phone/keys? YES.

I hate running with anything in my hands, and usually the races I participate in are relatively small so it's easy to find the rest of your party. But we're talking about 26,000 people! Some of us are running the full and others the half, some of us are running and one in our group is walking/tiny jogging the half. We'll all be finishing at different times so carrying a phone is essential. I volunteered to drive since my friend is running the full, and I can guarantee you if I ever run a full I will make someone carry me from the finish line to after party to the car to my bed. My feet won't touch the ground again for a week!

And I love how people are so excited about how "warm" it's going to be tomorrow. There is something wrong with my body temperature because it is freeeeeeeeezing out there! I will be sporting the under armor cropped tights, a long-sleeve running tee from Old Navy (which is really thin, you can hold it up and see thru it), and I think my new white fleece-lined jacket. The good thing about the jacket is that it has two zipper pockets so I could stash my Goo pack, keys and phone in there.

But what if I get super warm???

So I stopped by Academy this morning to see what they have and saw a shell/wind jacket with pockets. That could work. But I got cold thinking about only wearing that.

I'm also considering grabbing a SPI Belt today at the expo. But I've never run with one before, what if it gets on my nerves?

I love how I haven't really had to deal with any of this until now. My longest run has been 10 mi and I run through the neighborhoods, so I'm always able to stop back by my house and get water or whatever.

Don't even get me started on the thought of having to use the port-o-potties. I die.

I'm about to head to the expo! Hopefully my nerves will settle and I'll decide on my outfit for tomorrow.

And please check out Gotta Run Now, who has posted some great tips for tomorrow's race! I definitely appreciate them!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Do (tonight) List

  • Prepare overnight oats for tomorrow's lunch (dunzo)
  • Seriously thinking about pros/cons of getting Starbucks in the AM
    • Pros: It's the end of the week, it's a half day (so like a mini holiday), it's pay day
    • Cons: It's $5, I would have to leave 15 mins earlier, I'm not really craving anything, I could save that $5 for a coffee date
  • Preview No More Trouble Zones, aka, my impulse purchase for the week
  • Make a note to stop by Old Navy in the PM and grab that sweater spotted earlier in the week
  • Look through old magazines for pictures of Michelle Obama to start my "Get Michelle Obama Arms" collage

Sunday, January 10, 2010


We drove by to scope out the Extreme Makeover house.  It's right down the road from where some friends of mine live.  I believe today is the end of day 3, can you believe how much they've already done?  You can't tell but it's a two-story house (the fence was blocking the bottom).  It is huge!

Security is pretty tight over there...

There was a golf cart of people wearing the blue Makeover shirts, but they left before I could take a picture!  I'm going to try and figure out when the reveal is...I may go if I'm out of school by then!

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Ty is here in my city!  That's right, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is here in the Houston Bay Area building a house for a great family.  They keep all this information on the DL, but last Wednesday or so, the day before the reveal, there was buzz that EMHE was in Houston.  The next day Facebook was on fire, and I found out that they are actually right down the street from where I live, in League City/Kemah.  True like 5 mins from me.  I'm actually going to drive past there tonight.  You know the Toughest 10K I ran on that bridge?  Below the bridge is the command center.

I also found out that this family goes to my church!  Now, I can't say I know them, because I don't (our church has 4 seperate services and I attend whichever one I'm awake for).  That being said, our pastor and worship leader have been very involved with the project and have been sharing lots of behind the scenes info/pictures on Facebook.  So fun!

You can read more about the family here, but the gist of their story is this: Their house had severe water damage from Hurricane Ike (Sept '08), and they have been living in FEMA trailers in their backyard since.  The Beach family has 4 natural children, and 9 adopted kiddos, some with special needs.  Can you imagine living in two FEMA trailers with all of those kids?!  I can't believe they've done it for this long. 

The sad truth is there are so many people that have not been able to rebuild.  Over Christmas I visited my friend whose family lives on the water.  They have JUST finished renovating their house.  As I drove through their neighborhood I noticed that for every cleaned or renovated house there was also an empty lot or abandoned house right next door.  Entire communities completely changed overnight.  I live 3 mi inland, but where I work is about 20-30 mi inland and there are still houses with blue tarps on their roofs (and when I say houses, I mean apartment complexes...isn't that illegal?)

You can still see the effects of Ike around town, and sadly for most of us who have moved on we forget that those blue tarps or abandoned lots mean daily hardships for a family.  I hope that the city will be encouaged by this 7 day rebuild--all done by volunteers--and organize more opportunities for people to help their neighbors out.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ask L, pt. 2

An old friend from high school sent me this message this week:

"I know you have lost a lot of weight, you look awesome! I am trying to lose weight now but I have noticed that at about 3pm I feel like I could eat a whole cow! Any suggestions?"

During the week I tend to eat the exact same thing every day, which is oatmeal for breakfast (5:30 am), either a yogurt or piece of fruit around 10 am, lunch (1 pm), then either yogurt/fruit for a snack (4:15 pm). I'm usually not hungry by the time I have my second snack, but if I don't eat it I'll eat tons for dinner. If I am super hungry for dinner I try get stuffed on veggies or salad or soup, and not carbs (pasta or bread or chips).

I'm a creature of habit so I can eat the same thing all the time and never get tired. I like Rachel's yogurts, Kashi bars, fiber one bars, and fruit. I also like those since they're portion controlled. If I snack on crackers or chips I sometimes go back for a few more!  (by sometimes, I mean always)  I try to keep my snacks between 100-150 cals.

I think the snacks are the key! I also have to force myself to drink water with my meals since that will fill you up too. And I drink tea throughout the day at school.

Hope that helps!

What about you?  Do you have any suggestions for my friend?

Ask L, pt. 1

Today I made it to yoga class at the gym and had a major accomplishment.  I did the tripod pose!

This is one of those poses that is difficult for me simply because I'm scared.  Scared of falling over and hitting someone, so I just skip it. Today I went for it and rocked it! I could have chilled there all day with my knees on my elbows. Actually, it was sort of easy to tumble over, so I focused on my jacket which was on the floor. The next step is to straighten your legs into a full headstand. I’ll get there!

A lot of poses in yoga are positions you used to get yourself into as a child, but now as an adult feel very uncomfortable or scary. I love that as a 28 year old I'm re-teaching myself how to stand on my head.

Now today in class there was a woman who was struggling. Majorly. She definitely had no balance, and it was clear she wasn't familiar with a lot of the names of the poses or how they were supposed to look/feel. There was a lot of moaning, sighing, and falling over going on over there. The good thing is she didn't bail. Sometimes she needed to take a timeout and laid down on her mat, but she didn't pack it up and leave.

I wanted to go over and offer some suggestions, but I was in a selfish mood this morning and didn't feel like it. I know. I'm not feeling selfish now, so I'll share with you what I would have told her:

1. "Honor any feelings of restraint." I true wanted to run over and just say this to her. When I first started doing yoga I followed a Gaiam video, and the instructor would put you into a pose and then say, "Honor any feelings of restraint." She was reminding you not to overdo it. If it hurt, stop. If you're cramping up, stop. It's so easy to hurt yourself in yoga---and you'll be hurting for days. This is one of my life mantras now. Eating, drinking, gossip, anger—“honor any feeling of restraint.” If you know you should stop, stop.

2. "If you're just starting yoga, you should really check out this video." One of the first yoga videos I bought is still my absolute favorite. I have about five different videos and none of them compare. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss is a fantastic video that not only teaches you all of the basic poses (and their names), but also provides you with four variations of each pose, depending on your level of difficulty. I'm not really sure why it has weight loss in its name. It's a very calm, slow video, and difficult only because she stays in each pose for so long. There aren't sun salutations in it, so you don't get your heart rate going. It will definitely increase your flexibility though!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dear energy, where are you?

Oh! It's been rough getting back into routine.  Sunday night I tossed and turned all night, and when I woke up yesterday I felt like death.  I felt every minute pass throughout the day because I was that achingly tired.  I went to the gym to run, which I haven't been on a treadmill in months, and was aware of every step.  My goal was 5 mi but I only managed 3 mi.  I came home, ate, showered, and was asleep by 8:20.

I woke up this morning with crazy wavy hair since I fell asleep with it wet.  It hurt to even think about getting out of my warm bed and getting in the shower, so I just rocked it.  Today was a bit better, except it got crazy just before lunch and therefore I was unable to eat my lunch.  I managed to eat my yogurt during my last class and an apple after school.  Came home and ate some chicken vegetable soup sans chicken (why am I refusing to eat meat? ), watched the Biggest Loser, cried twice, and fell asleep during the weigh in.  Who went home?

I'm awake now, but don't worry.  I'm about to read a little Rachael Ray and go right back to sleep.  Lunch and treadmill are a must tomorrow.  Boo.  Well, boo to the treadmill, yay for lunch.

I don't want to start drinking tons of coffee again in the mornings, but I really do need an energy boost in the AM.  Any suggestions?

Sunday, January 3, 2010


1. Sometimes while I watch movies I have my laptop out and read its Wikipedia entry at the same time.  For example, the Lord of the Rings trilogy is on this weekend and Middle Earth is way too confusing for me, so I read along to understand what is going and also read each character's entry.

2. I've also done this with Batman, Into the Wild, and Charlie Wilson's War, to name a few.

3. I am in the process of changing my banner and title for this blog...stay tuned.

Fresh, clean start

But I have to get everything in order before that fresh, clean start can happen!

I got a bit behind on sending out my postcards for the BPS, and so today I went out and bought a few.  I always want to have the best, most local postcards to send to people but I haven't found time to go out and hunt for any.  As a result I missed sending my cards out for Nov. and Dec.  So sad!  Those folks are waiting for their cards!  OK, well I got it together, and I even bought a card to send out for February.  I'm back on track!

I also had to share my NYE polish that I sported.  I love it and still have it on!  I was looking for a gold polish that wasn't too yellow or too glittery.  I actually found a polish by wetnwild called Shield.  I experiemented and found that you really only need one coat to get a subtle gold look.  Two coats looked a little muddy (on me).

And it was only $1.99!  Love it!  I topped it with about two clear coats  and it hasn't chipped at all.  Also, I had to cut my nails short, as they looked a little scary shiny and long.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect monthly planner.  I've been to Barnes and Noble, Target, and Wal-Mart today, and decided on the Moleskine.  When I went to BN earlier they only had the XL one, and I want the L.  On there's a "Pick me up" section you can enter your zip code at, and then they will show all of the stores near you that have your item in stock.  After you enter your email (or even your cell number if you want to receive a text) you are notified when the store has placed the item at the front of the store for you.  So my planner is waiting right now for me to pick it up!  I love it!

Only a few hours left of break, and I need to lesson plan, grade, and watch Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.  TBS has shown each movie of the trilogy this weekend, and tell me why I've tuned in to watch each one?  I don't know.  I love sequels and trilogies.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

"364 more days, 1 million chances left to find you and to see your face" ~Parachute Band

Well hello 2010!  I hope every had a fun time ringing in the New Year.  I spent the evening at the Omni with a few friends and later danced a bit downstairs in the Black Swan.  Very fun, but like most people I spent today resting.

Let's just talk about how I knew my dress was form-fitting, but it was getting tighter and tighter leading up to NYE!  I definitely enjoyed the holidays and used the excuse that it was too cold out to run like I should have.  I brought a back up dress with me that was cute, comfortable, and forgiving, but I wanted to wear my original dress!  Luckily I got it together the few days before NYE and the dress zipped without much fuss and I was comfortable!

So much fun!  Let's talk about how I don't know how to fix my all fancy, so for events like this I get on You Tube and search "create your own up do" and find instructional videos made by high school girls.  I used this video to help me out last night, though I pulled my hair back and not on the side.  When I have long hair again I'll do it like hers!

I'm down to 15 days until the half marathon!  I've decided that I need to really be good about my diet, and for me that means eating more meat.  Chicken breast tenders and the George Foreman are going to be besties for the next month or so.

I usually get my protein from dairy and beans, but really I'm not getting near as much as I need.  I track my calories, carbs, fiber, fat, and protein in an excell spreadsheet (I'll have to share that one day, I'm so proud of it) and have goals for each one.  I easily reach my goal for carbs, calories, and fiber, and often have very low fat and protein each day.  When I have been intentional about eating lean meat while I'm working out I always see much more muscle definition and have more energy throughout the day.

Are you surprised that I'm usually anemic when I try to give blood?  Nope.  I always have to plan when I'm going to give and make sure I eat meat a few days before.  And I'm usually rejected on my first attempt and have to crawl back two days later.  So sad.

Lastly, I have to share The List with you.  I look forward to this each year, and The Washington Post never fails to make me laugh and sometimes nod in agreement.