Saturday, January 16, 2010

17 hrs, 35 mins

Until my first half marathon! I will not lie, I am nervous.

Am I nervous about the fact that I completely let my training dwindle? No.

Am I nervous that I won't be able to finish? Nope, that's not even an option. I'm flying across that finish line!

Am I nervous about how cold it is and how to carry my cell phone/keys? YES.

I hate running with anything in my hands, and usually the races I participate in are relatively small so it's easy to find the rest of your party. But we're talking about 26,000 people! Some of us are running the full and others the half, some of us are running and one in our group is walking/tiny jogging the half. We'll all be finishing at different times so carrying a phone is essential. I volunteered to drive since my friend is running the full, and I can guarantee you if I ever run a full I will make someone carry me from the finish line to after party to the car to my bed. My feet won't touch the ground again for a week!

And I love how people are so excited about how "warm" it's going to be tomorrow. There is something wrong with my body temperature because it is freeeeeeeeezing out there! I will be sporting the under armor cropped tights, a long-sleeve running tee from Old Navy (which is really thin, you can hold it up and see thru it), and I think my new white fleece-lined jacket. The good thing about the jacket is that it has two zipper pockets so I could stash my Goo pack, keys and phone in there.

But what if I get super warm???

So I stopped by Academy this morning to see what they have and saw a shell/wind jacket with pockets. That could work. But I got cold thinking about only wearing that.

I'm also considering grabbing a SPI Belt today at the expo. But I've never run with one before, what if it gets on my nerves?

I love how I haven't really had to deal with any of this until now. My longest run has been 10 mi and I run through the neighborhoods, so I'm always able to stop back by my house and get water or whatever.

Don't even get me started on the thought of having to use the port-o-potties. I die.

I'm about to head to the expo! Hopefully my nerves will settle and I'll decide on my outfit for tomorrow.

And please check out Gotta Run Now, who has posted some great tips for tomorrow's race! I definitely appreciate them!


♥ jmo said...

Good luck!

Meredith said...

Oooooh Good luck! I'm already looking at training for a half in april! Don't worry about temperature. Seriously. Once you get going, you warm up quickly. I may be different, but I'd rather start out cold, than be hot the latter part of the race. Can't wait to read about your experience :)

Melissa-D said...

You'll do great!! I'm going to watch for you and cheer my head off! Pick a letter you guys want to meet at. There is always a family and friends station with letters posted. That way, you both head to that letter and you can easily find each other! Good luck! I can't wait to hear all about it when you are finished!