Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ask L, pt. 2

An old friend from high school sent me this message this week:

"I know you have lost a lot of weight, you look awesome! I am trying to lose weight now but I have noticed that at about 3pm I feel like I could eat a whole cow! Any suggestions?"

During the week I tend to eat the exact same thing every day, which is oatmeal for breakfast (5:30 am), either a yogurt or piece of fruit around 10 am, lunch (1 pm), then either yogurt/fruit for a snack (4:15 pm). I'm usually not hungry by the time I have my second snack, but if I don't eat it I'll eat tons for dinner. If I am super hungry for dinner I try get stuffed on veggies or salad or soup, and not carbs (pasta or bread or chips).

I'm a creature of habit so I can eat the same thing all the time and never get tired. I like Rachel's yogurts, Kashi bars, fiber one bars, and fruit. I also like those since they're portion controlled. If I snack on crackers or chips I sometimes go back for a few more!  (by sometimes, I mean always)  I try to keep my snacks between 100-150 cals.

I think the snacks are the key! I also have to force myself to drink water with my meals since that will fill you up too. And I drink tea throughout the day at school.

Hope that helps!

What about you?  Do you have any suggestions for my friend?


rena said...

I jumped back on the oatmeal wagon after taking your hints to add things in it - love! I think those are all good tips though, the snacks are key, they keep your blood sugar level and metabolism up too.

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Your tips are good ones! Eating foods high in monounsaturated fat like avocados, olive oil and nuts might be helpful, too.

It looks like the sun will be out. What a beautiful day for a run, but you'll have to bundle up!

Meredith said...

Good tips! I recently increased my breakfast from 200 to 300 calories and I am not as hungry mid-morning which makes the morning easier. Eating tons of fruits and vegetables helps keep me full too.

Anonymous said...

muscle milk has a GREAT protein shake- if you are doing any type of exercise. I have one in the am and one right after I work out at night.
Eggs are always a great thing to eat as well.
to stay full drink a LOT of water and eat 2-3 snacks per day and increase your intake in protein.