Sunday, January 10, 2010

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Ty is here in my city!  That's right, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is here in the Houston Bay Area building a house for a great family.  They keep all this information on the DL, but last Wednesday or so, the day before the reveal, there was buzz that EMHE was in Houston.  The next day Facebook was on fire, and I found out that they are actually right down the street from where I live, in League City/Kemah.  True like 5 mins from me.  I'm actually going to drive past there tonight.  You know the Toughest 10K I ran on that bridge?  Below the bridge is the command center.

I also found out that this family goes to my church!  Now, I can't say I know them, because I don't (our church has 4 seperate services and I attend whichever one I'm awake for).  That being said, our pastor and worship leader have been very involved with the project and have been sharing lots of behind the scenes info/pictures on Facebook.  So fun!

You can read more about the family here, but the gist of their story is this: Their house had severe water damage from Hurricane Ike (Sept '08), and they have been living in FEMA trailers in their backyard since.  The Beach family has 4 natural children, and 9 adopted kiddos, some with special needs.  Can you imagine living in two FEMA trailers with all of those kids?!  I can't believe they've done it for this long. 

The sad truth is there are so many people that have not been able to rebuild.  Over Christmas I visited my friend whose family lives on the water.  They have JUST finished renovating their house.  As I drove through their neighborhood I noticed that for every cleaned or renovated house there was also an empty lot or abandoned house right next door.  Entire communities completely changed overnight.  I live 3 mi inland, but where I work is about 20-30 mi inland and there are still houses with blue tarps on their roofs (and when I say houses, I mean apartment complexes...isn't that illegal?)

You can still see the effects of Ike around town, and sadly for most of us who have moved on we forget that those blue tarps or abandoned lots mean daily hardships for a family.  I hope that the city will be encouaged by this 7 day rebuild--all done by volunteers--and organize more opportunities for people to help their neighbors out.

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TX Runner Mom said...

My friend lives in Shore Acres and their neighborhood is the same way - empty lots are all over the place where houses once stood. So terrible!