Monday, January 18, 2010

Race highlights

Or things I’ll never forget...
• People already using the port-o-potties at miles 1, 2, 3…really? We just started.
• That my Underoos started sliding down within the first few steps of running. On the first overpass (about ½ mi into the race) I had to full on readjust everything as I was running, completely surrounded by people. Luckily after that, everything stayed in place
• The girl who bolted behind a parked car in a drive way to pee around mi 2
• The old Hispanic man that shouted, “Lookin’ good Laura!” but said my name in Spanish, which sounds like Loud-ah. I loved it.
• The old Richie Rich couple that moved their patio table to the sidewalk and had a huge, beautiful bouquet on it. I think they were having a breakfast date, and the runners were the entertainment
• The couple that ran the entire race each holding the end of a red nylon rope. I’m not sure what that was about—couples therapy or what—but they were rather annoying to try to pass. Just saying.
• Passing anyone that had signs for their own Laura. When they saw me, they were so excited they could share their signs/encouragement with me, too!
• Hearing four different musicians along the way singing 1994-esque grunge. Apparently it’s making a comeback in Houston?
• The random DJ table set up downtown (where there were hardly any spectators since it was only 1 mi to the finish line) and his posse with signs that said, “Pump Your Fist!” They were also having their own fist pumping dance-off. For a second I thought I was on the Jersey Shore.

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TX Runner Mom said...

LOL, I forgot about the fist pumpers! Too funny!