Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Sonoma Diet

I bought the Sonoma Diet book a few years ago because it had some great looking recipes, but never touched it. Last week when I was trying to decide what to buy at the grocery store/meal plan I saw it sitting on my shelf and picked it up again.

Essentially the diet is in 3 waves, the first cutting out many—but not all—carbs. You can eat either milk and cereal for breakfast, or eggs and toast. I went with the latter. Carbs sneak into your meals through beans, but are mostly gone. They are slowly added back after 10 days. I looked online and a lot of people said it was similar to South Beach?  I don't know anything about South Beach so that means nothing to me.

I’m not really following the diet, but I'm using the recipes. I did lose 4 lbs though (and I gained them back this weekend, lol).

Last week I ate salads with beans and chicken every day for lunch, and not only was it delish but it helped me get in lots of protein! For dinner I had chicken and tons of roasted veggies.

Tonight I made a roasted veggie warm salad, subbing squash and green beans for eggplant (couldn’t find it). I roasted some purple onions sepatetly in red wine vinegar and spices, and then tossed everything together with capers, roasted red peppers, lemon, herbs, and poured it over fresh spinach. The warm ingredients wilted the spinach and the small sprinkle of feta just really topped it off!

I was supposed to make tandori chicken, but it needed to marinate 24 hours. Instead I just combined the spices (garlic powder, cayenne, cinnamon, paprika, salt, pepper), sprinkled it on some chicken breast and grilled it. Pretty tasty!

Again, I’m ont really following the diet so I don’t know what wave 2 looks like. I’m just going to continue to pick out recipes. They yield 4-8 servings so I only have to cook once and I’m set for the week!

Yes, when I cook I do eat the leftovers all week long. Hello, singleton!

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