Wednesday, January 13, 2010

To Do (tonight) List

  • Prepare overnight oats for tomorrow's lunch (dunzo)
  • Seriously thinking about pros/cons of getting Starbucks in the AM
    • Pros: It's the end of the week, it's a half day (so like a mini holiday), it's pay day
    • Cons: It's $5, I would have to leave 15 mins earlier, I'm not really craving anything, I could save that $5 for a coffee date
  • Preview No More Trouble Zones, aka, my impulse purchase for the week
  • Make a note to stop by Old Navy in the PM and grab that sweater spotted earlier in the week
  • Look through old magazines for pictures of Michelle Obama to start my "Get Michelle Obama Arms" collage


Vic said...

I really like No More Trouble Zones. I did it a bunch before my wedding and it's kind of like a less intense (but way longer) 30 Day Shred session.

TX Runner Mom said...

I want Michelle Obama arms too!

Simple Diva said...

girly! How did I not know you prepare overnight oats! my life just got so much easier! yay for healthy food!

Tina @GottaRunNow said...

Get your shirt first at the expo, before they run out of your size. Have fun!

I'm answering your questions in a post - good questions!