Sunday, January 31, 2010

Weekend Finds

Friday night I met up with some friends at BJs to enjoy some Mediterranean Pizza and some Pook's Pilsner.  Saturday I woke up and decided to do a bit of shopping. 

The most important buy/discovery are my new Levi's Denim Leggings.  I have been searching for skinny jeans that don't bunch up around the knees when I wear my tall boots.  I've hit the juniors section and, yes, I know, that was a huge mistake since I left with a pair of jeans that 1. were not that tight, but 2. did have rhinestones on every gromet.  I know I love all things shiny, but not on my tush.

These jeans are perfect, and come in rinse and black.  I picked mine up at Dillard's, but I also saw them at Macy's.

I picked up a black faux-leather Marc New York jacket at Marshall's.  I've been wanting one for a while, and was sad that I didn't buy one at Express when they had them in stock.  However, I love this one even more!  It's perfectly fitted and sleek.  I've worn two days in a row now, however, I discovered last night that faux leather means faux warmth. I still love it. 

I also picked up some new powder.  I have been shiny for a year, no lie.  I used to wear MAC foundation powder, but then started using liquid foundation.  I tried to pick up cheapy powders from the drug store, but they never matched and as a result I was just wasting money.  So, I went back and picked up a pressed powder from MAC (NC45).  My make up looks completely different now and I am ashamed I went so long without powder!!

The last surprise is that I finally found a St. Arnold that I like!  Their Winter Stout tastes like coffee and cinnamon.  So good!  I think a trip to the brewery is planned for after the Austin Marathon.

Ugh, Sunday night might be my least favorite time of the week.  I dread starting a new week.  I hope to get lots of rest tonight, and the plan is to wake up early enough to grab some coffee at McDonald's ($1.08 and it's 10 million times better than Starbucks!)


Vic said...

Very cute jacket!

balanceformere said...

I tried on a pair of skinny jean leggings. The fit wasn't right. I think they're a great look.

TX Runner Mom said...

How I wish I could wear skinny jeans!!! Those and the faux jacket are super cute. I will have to get fashion ideas from you...with 2 young kiddos all my fashion sense has gone out the window!