Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Chick it out!

I registered for the Austin Statesman Capitol 10K a few weeks ago.  I mailed in my registration instead of doing it online because I was going to save $4 (I won't do that again).  I was getting worried since my check hadn't cleared and I hadn't received an email confirming my registration.  A few days ago my check cleared, but still no word from them.

Today I opened the mail box and saw a large envelope.  It was from the Statesman!  I ripped it open to find lots of unexpected goodies.

I registered for the race through the Run Like a Girl program, paying only $1 more than the regular registration fee.  Today I got a letter thanking me for signing up through the program, a couple of bumper stickers, a cute grocery list notepad, and my t-shirt!

"Chick" out the back of the shirt!

How fun!  I thought I was only getting the shirt, I didn't know about the extra goodies!  You can still register for the race.  Do it!!

PS: Apparently I'm also eligible to win a pair of "red hot" Stuart Weitzman pumps valued at $265?  Send me good vibes!!!


Vic said...

Cute swag! I hope you win the shoes! I am also running the Cap 10K this year, with my dad :)

SmallStepsForLola said...

CUTE shirt! Love it!

Melissa-D said...

too cool!! Now I want to do it! : )

TX Runner Mom said...

Okay, I want that shirt. Hmmm, I may be signing up!

Running Pretty said...

I Love it! Now I'll be checking my mail box everyday-super excited to be getting mine soon!!

p.s. i know im late on commenting but I just started reading your blog so I need to catch up .lol